So, about the AL East...

As True and the rest of the team will tell you, I'm kind of the resident DAR Baseball Nerd. So, I remember a time in 1996 when I cheered the Yankees just because they were the American League team facing off against the Atlanta Braves from the National League. I did it for two reasons.

  1. The Orioles were in the AL
  2. I was bleeding from the mouth and face and figured that if I cheered for the de facto home team, a doctor would see me saying "yay" with blood pouring out my mouth and actually help my ass.
Fast forward nineteen years later, and the American League East division, the dominant AL East doesn't seem as daunting. Now, sure, it's not NL East bad. You guys can keep the Marlins. But, it's been pretty damn wonky thus far. And this is a division that's produced wild card winners most of the time that the wild card playoffs have existed. This is the division of the Yankees, the Red Sox, the resurgent Orioles, and the surprisingly deep Blue Jays. However, there are no clear-cut favorites almost a month in the season. This is somewhat surprising, considering the history of the division. But, it also makes for some interesting baseball. 

Anyone can win the division at this point. We saw that in 2008 and 2010 when the Rays pulled it off. We saw that last year when the Orioles won. If you're a baseball fan, even if you hate the Yankees, or the Red Sox, or the Orioles, the AL East is the division to pay attention to, even in its weird transition period. I'll get back to you, however, with picks on division winners. But for now? Be sure to check out my newest single "Late Night Movie Show" and check out Team DAR, if you're in the area, at CVP Towson tomorrow.


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