#WIRTB Review: Scarface

So, I'm not trying to troll on this. However, I feel that Scarface wasn't that great of a movie. Yes, it captures 1980s (non-Black) drug lore somewhat proficiently, from what's been discussed about it (even if it looks, at times, like a Rated-M-for-Mature Miami Vice). Yes, its rags-to-riches story is something that almost anyone can relate to. Yes, the film has inspired countless hip-hop tropes and quotes. Yes, it's a good movie. And yes, "Say Hello to My Little Friend" is one of the greatest scenes in cinema. But, great? Legendary? A GOAT in its genre?


Before we start chanting "Speed's a troll," let's calm down. And let's remove the "cock-a-roaches" and the "say hello" scene. After that, what are we left with?

We're kind of left with your typical gangster flick. Al Pacino is a GAWD, so he could turn shit into gold if need be. However, many of the other performances are grating and wooden. Some of the dialogue that isn't centered around a, for instance, "all I have is my balls and my word" quote? It's just as wooden. It feels forced and "edgy" just for the sake of flaunting its R-rating all over the place. I think Oliver Stone and Brian DePalma set out to out-Godfather The Godfather. The end result is a film that, even by 1980s standards, plays it safe in some ways and goes completely overboard in a way that is more farcical than eye-popping in others. The whole damn thing, by the end, also feels like an anti-drug PSA since just about everyone who's gotten involved in the drug game (either by using or selling) is dead by the end.

Now, don't get me wrong. Scarface is a good movie. I even have it on DVD. It's a decent way to veg out for two-to-three-hours and say goodnight to the bad guy. And when the dialogue/story isn't forced along (ex. when Tony has reservations about killing the journalist), it's an interesting look into morality--and mortality. However, potentially because of its place in hip-hop lore, it's a vastly overrated film. And if you're going to call me a troll for a differing opinion, I've got five words for you.


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