DAR Artist Spotlight: Raven Felix

By Speed on the Beat (@SpeedontheBeat)

So, if you follow my main site SpeedontheBeat.com (shameless plugs aplenty. #DARBusiness through and through, though), you'll see that I'm a big proponent of showcasing artists (musically and otherwise) who come from a lot of alternative perspectives. From Melody Kush to True God when we were first restarting DAR and all places in between, there's practically no one that I won't give a look to. Heck, I was the guy who actually gave a shot to "Stu Madoff"/Triple when he came out saying he was really related to Bernie Madoff. And even afterwards. But, one artist who I've seemed to grown to have the most history with, for what it's worth, is a young woman out of the San Fernando Valley.

When I first came across Raven Felix, as mentioned back in 2013, it was through a MyLikes post of her "Work Drink Fuck Sleep" video. From there, I started checking her music out more and more. Some tracks, I, truthfully, didn't get. I mean, I'm a guy in my mid-20s who's gone through some wild shit in the DMV who's influenced by Big L and Nirvana, not an teenager who's gone through some wild shit in the Valley who's influenced by Nicki and Black Flag. Actually...we're probably a bit more alike than you'd imagine

However, her honesty when it came to music, even when it was a party song or what have you, that caught my ear and made me become a fan. So, when she linked up with Snoop, I, too, felt a bit of an accomplishment. One of the artists who I helped put on, they received recognition for what they're doing.

The resulting track "6 in the Morning," was catchy. She had an ear for beats, considering the Cali-influenced flip of "Oochie Wally." She stood her ground with a legend in the game. So, again, kudos were given. And, as time went on, she seemed to get more adventurous with her tracks, a constant sign of a maturing artist. Still conscious of her "I'mma have fun and do my thing roots," she's dropped tracks with artists ranging from Chevy Woods to Smoke DZA to another Cali legend in Too $hort.

Her most recent track "It's Not You, It's Me," featured on SpeedontheBeat.com, is a pretty honest look at young love and is both catchy and "real" enough that most could relate.

I feel that Raven's strongest suit is the fact that she's embraced all of these different musical styles and has blended them to create her own path in music. She's a pretty smart young woman, too, based off my numerous interactions with her. And, she's also an attractive young woman who can get freaky one minute, but hit you with some real shit the next. And, not to sound chauvinistic, but isn't that what all men want? Thankfully, even though she oozes sex appeal, it's not all she is.

So, check out the tracks above. If you're in the mood for some party rap that can still hit on some realness, she's an artist to look out for. Even if you're not, one should keep their eyes on the ring this rising star. She can only go up from this point. Judging from some of the people I've suggested you check out or listen to for advice, I think you should take heed to my advice...


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