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Speed on the Beat here with some thoughts on the most recent happenings in the world of Major League Baseball. As always, these thoughts are just my opinion. But, let's get underway.

The Blue Jays made a statement early this morning by pulling off a trade for Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki.

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They also received journeyman reliever LaTroy Hawkins who, I'll be honest, I didn't even know he was still around MLB until they announced he was part of the deal. The Jays ship disappointment Jose Reyes (even though he started to come around this year) to the Weed State along with two prospects. The Jays are obviously in a win-now mode, since only Tulo and Russel Martin are under contract past 2016. But, here's the thing. LaTroy Hawkins sure as hell isn't going to help their defensive struggles, and he's not exactly that stellar of a pitcher--something Toronto needs and badly.

Speaking of pitchers, the Cincinnati Reds traded Johnny Cueto to Kansas City on Sunday. They received a plethora of prospects, some who can deliver some immediate help.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports and MLBTradeRumors.com

This is a definite sell move by Cincy, who's pretty much out of contention at this point. In a year or two, I'd like to see where each player stands. But, for now, the Royals got a steal in Cueto (even as he underperforms this year) and Cincinnati made out pretty well, as well. Then again, look at Eduardo Rodriguez of the Red Sox. He was traded by the Orioles for Andrew Miller last year. Miller ended up as a Yankee and Rodriguez is flourishing. Meanwhile, Orioles fans, myself included, are somewhat perplexed--even though the deal made sense at the time. So...again, let's not throw our hands up in praise for Kansas City just yet.

Jonathan Papelbon is rumored to be on the trading block as well.

It seems like Washington is a front-runner for the thirty-four-year-old, crotch-grabbing closer. I'm for Papelbon moving practically anywhere because he's, obviously, outstayed his welcome/perceived usefulness in the rebuilding stage of the Phillies at this point. There are also rumors of Washington kicking the tires (God, how many other sports cliches can I throw out) on Alrodis Chapman (Cincinnati) and Craig Kimbrel (San Diego). I'm not sure if Washington needs him or the other mentioned names, however, especially since Drew Storen has been pretty shut-down. However, they could use help in the set-up department.

We've got days left until the trade deadline. Let's see who throws what where and where does it stick.

Until next time, stay classic DAR Readers.

-Speed on the Beat


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