DAR Classics: Twista - Adrenaline Rush

By @TrueGodImmortal 

1. Intro 
2. Adrenaline Rush 
3. Death Before Dishonor 
4. It Feels So Good
5. Overdose
6. Mobsters Anthem 
7. Get Her In The Mood (Skit)
8. Emotions 
9. Unsolved Mystery 
10. Korrupt World 
11. Get It Wet 
12. No Remorse 
13. Emotions(Remix)

You knew this was coming. Bone Thugs, Kanye, Eminem, etc... we spoke about so many for DAR Midwest Week, but you knew we had to discuss this classic from Twista. Starting off with a violent intro of revenge for Twista and his cousin, who was apparently murdered, this is prime Chicago gangsta music.

Twista kicks off the album with the rapid fire flow and solid lyricism that we know him for on the title track. He leads into a mirage of verses which are equal parts menacing and smooth due to such an immaculate flow. On tracks such as "Death Before Dishonor" and "It Feels So Good", Twista certainly coasts over the solid production and does what he does best. The lyrics he spits have somewhat been underrated, as I would say Twista is one of the premier lyricists in the midwest, despite his flow sometimes overshadowing it. "Death Before Dishonor" and "It Feels So Good" are truly great examples of this despite "It Feels So Good" content talking about women, he still hits with multis and dense lyrics and as the album goes on, we see it displayed even more.

"Overdose" is one of my favorite songs on the album and Twista blacks out and goes in here over dope production. However, one of the most interesting songs turns out to be the "Mobsters Anthem" track where there are New World Order and Illuminati mentions over the G Funk esque beat (which samples the same track that Dre and Snoop did.. you'll see). Twista and crew lyrically go in and showcase a bit of paranoia during this song as well due to crazy crime and issues that plague Chicago at times.

After "Get Her In The Mood", Twista kicks game over a solid production and talks directly to these hoes on "Emotions", and the result is quite amazing. Listen closer to Twista and his verses and you'll see why I say that. He takes a standard song to play these women and makes it a total song about lessons and how to truly get the upper hand over the ladies in this psychological game between the two genders. The aggressive "Korrupt World" also follows and is full of quotable lines. It is in my top 3 favorite songs on this album and I believe that Twista brings his best work on this particular song. Not to take away from any of his other work on this album, because he kills it all around, but this song is just something special.

Now, we know all about the classic track "Get It Wet" and it's one of the more explicit songs on this entire album, which says a lot. Twista has had a knack for making songs for women and this one could be seen as the true beginning of sorts. The female voice on the hook helps drive home what is meant to be a seductive feel and this works very well. The final actual track on here is the sinister "No Remorse" where Twista and the rest of his Speedknot Mobstaz click go in once again over a knocking beat. The slow, brooding production allows for each member to punch their lyrics with aggression and Twista once again takes off when his verse hits and kills it. His lyricism is just above the rest of his crew and there is no denying his flow here.

A remix of "Emotions" closes out this album, but there is no doubt when looking back that this is not only a Midwest classic, but a classic album in general. Revisit this classic with us and enjoy a great listen.



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