The Underrated: Nas' God's Son

We've covered a lot of Nas on the site. He is quite a few of the writers on this site's favorite rapper of all time and he is undoubtedly top 5 of all time. For DAR East Coast Week, we wanted to talk about his most personal album to date and definitely most vulnerable album, "God's Son". After having a successful comeback with his classic "Stillmatic", Nas dealt with the loss of his mother and created something great here. While not quite a classic, this album stands as a great one in Nas' catalog, so we decided to have a roundtable on this. Without further adieu, let's get into it.

1. Get Down 
2. The Cross 
3. Made You Look 
4. Last Real Nigga Alive
5. Zone Out 
6. Hey Nas 
7. I Can 
8. Book of Rhymes 
9. Thugz Mansion (N.Y.)
10. Mastermind 
11. Warrior Song 
12. Revolutionary Warfare 
13. Dance 
14. Heaven 

God's Son is one of my favorite albums. It's definitely top 5 of Nas' catalog IMO. The time was important because it came at a time where his mom was dying during record and she passed away before he finished the album. He just made a big comeback with Stillmatic and he still was in a feud with Jay-Z. He was still very creative and gave us classics. "The Cross" is Nas on God level to me especially with the lyrics and flow. "Get Down" is the perfect, soulful intro with him spitting that classic shit. "Heaven" and "Warrior Song" are heartfelt tracks. "Revolutionary Warfare" is beautiful and of course "Book of Rhymes" is genius. God's Son is Nas most personal album and one of his most important.

2002 was quite the year for Nas. He put out both God's Son and The Lost Tapes. In God's Son, I feel like he wanted to set the record straight about who he is. Ether was released in 2001 as many of us know, so it's no surprise that God's Son is in many ways, a personal album. You sort of get a new perspective about Nas with this album. He made sure to, in a sense, continue working hard to have his high status in hip-hop. I think that had a lot to do with the Jay-Z feud. You can even tell that in "Last Real Nigga Alive." Nas came out and was firing shots left and right. Some have actually said that this album may be better than Illmatic, but that's a whole other argument.

This album was very vital to me. At the time of release, I was heavily into the Nas and Jay beef at the time and was a fan of Blueprint 2 by Jay(not the entire album but a good amount of it), but was intrigued due to the "Made You Look" single. During this time, I was in high school(freshman), and we used to always yell out "They shooting!!! Ah made you look!!" in the hallway to catch people off guard. It's silly thinking back on it now but it was a fun time in my life and once the album dropped, I was hooked instantly. "Get Down" is glorious and a classic, and though I don't like the beat much for "The Cross", Nas does his thing lyrically here. "Made You Look" and "Last Real Nigga Alive" are some of the best tracks that Nas has ever made and that's truly a hell of a statement to make. He makes a great album overall and with solid tracks like "Heaven" and "Revolutionary Warfare", and the epic "Book of Rhymes"(we still quote this song on a regular basis in everyday life, mostly for the "Alchemist, you a funny nigga" adlib). This album means a lot to me personally and I would rank it as one of Nas' top 5-6 albums. It's not quite a classic but it is damn sure a great album.

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