The Underrated: Scarface- The Untouchable

By @TrueGodImmortal 

1. Intro
2. Untouchable
3. No Warning 
4. Southside 
5. Sunshine 
6. Money Makes The World Go Round 
7. For Real 
8. Ya Money or Ya Life
9. Mary Jane 
10. Smile
11. Smartz
12. Faith 
13. Game Over
14. Outro

Today is the birthday of one legendary Brad Jordan, or Scarface as he is known to most of us. With DAR Texas Week now officially underway, you know we had to talk about the legendary Scarface. Scarface is one of the greatest MCs to not only come from Texas, but the south period. Armed with an amazing lyrical ability and a strong flow, Scarface would see solo success outside of his run with the Geto Boys group, as he released several solo albums before this 1997 album, "The Untouchable". However, while his success on The Diary and his other albums was certified, it would be this album to be his first to reach the top of the Billboard charts. The album would be certified platinum and one of his most successful singles "Smile" with 2Pac featured would go gold as well.

The album kicks off with the solid title track/intro, which is a smooth riding production created by the truly underrated N.O. Joe and Mike Dean, who produced the bulk of this album. The menacing "No Warning" follows next and is a sinister production provided by N.O. Joe, while Face brings the aggression in his verses. The bumping production on "Southside" leads to a classic Face and Face discusses the things he saw growing up on the Southside of Houston.

The Daz, Devin The Dude and K.B. assisted "Money Makes The World Go Round" provides a smooth almost pimped out vibe to the album, while Devin steals the show here with his sing songy opening and lyrics in his verse as well. Face drops some game on the aggressive "For Real", before getting into one of my favorite tracks off the album "Ya Money or Ya Life", which is helped by the solid production of course. The beat for the song is sinister yet melodic and the whole feel of the song is pretty laid back(especially with the hook) despite the actual content being pretty aggressive. It's one of my favorite Face tracks from this whole era of his.

One of Face's more popular singles "Mary Jane", his ode to the beautiful greenery, is a perfect smokers anthem and of course we remember the Ashanti song that sampled this(unnecessarily too... Irv Gotti I blame you). Now, the 2Pac featured "Smile", which is one of the biggest hits in Face's career follows and the song is inspiring still to this day. Something about the hook and Pac saying "nigga you blessed, smile for me now" as an adlib is truly powerful in this track. I relate completely to Face and his verse, especially when he says "I often wish that I could save everyone but I'm a dreamer". This song is another one of my favorites by Face and I still play this track on a regular basis.

The Devin The Dude assisted "Smartz" is up next and is a truly dope track, but when we reach the introspective track "Faith", we see a glimpse of the mature and soulful artist Scarface has become over the last decade and some change. He is without a doubt one of the most introspective and even spiritual artists period, and while his earlier albums were rooted in aggression and internal conflict, he has grown into an artist with wisdom and knowledge to share. The album ends with Face going to the West for a Dr Dre produced and featured track "Game Over" assisted by Ice Cube, Too Short, and of course Dre. The result is a dope collaboration and a solid end to a near classic album(I would say it is a classic personally).

The beauty of the album is that we start to see glimpses of the maturation of Brad Jordan, while enjoying some of his dopest and most aggressive music. It's a pretty nice balance and a true window into the growing artistry of the legendary rapper. Reflect on this album and enjoy.



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