The Underrated: UGK- Ridin Dirty

By @TrueGodImmortal 

1. Intro
2. One Day
3. Murder
4. Pinky Ring
5. Diamonds & Wood
6. 3 In The Mornin
7. Touched
8. Fuck My Car
9. That's Why I Carry
10. Hi Life
11. Good Stuff
12. Ridin Dirty
13. Outro

Now, as we begin to kick off the DAR Texas week, where else could we truly start, but with the best duo to ever come out of the state, UGK. Bun B and Pimp C created a legacy that still lives on today through their music and their realness. In 1996, the duo would release the album "Ridin Dirty" produced mostly by Pimp C and N.O. Joe. The album kicks off with the Isley Brothers inspired "One Day", over a smooth production as Bun B takes off lyrically speaking some real facts on his upbringing and his observations on everything around me. Pimp, who I always felt was one of the most underrated MCs from the state of Texas, has an amazing verse on this talking some harsh realities of the environment he came up in.

The trunk rattles a bit on the bumping "Murder", which sees Bun go off completely while Pimp kills it with his laid back yet aggressive flow. The track is dope all the way around and one of my favorites on this album. The pimped out "Pinky Ring" follows, backed by a beat fit for a playas anthem. My favorite UGK track ever "Diamonds and Wood" follows next as Pimp and Bun spit flawless verses over yet another knocking pimped out track. This track is honestly my favorite because of the precision in Pimp's flow and his lyrics here, and while Bun does his thing here as well, I was always partial to the Pimp's style on this song(in general as well).

The smooth and laid back "3 In Da Mornin" is another classic track, and Pimp with his flawless hooks, wins yet again on this song. It's just good ol music to ride out to or just relax and smoke to. This is another one of the anthems on the album. The immaculate "Fuck My Car" is yet another infectious track, as the duo speak about the women who are more attracted to the car a man drives than the actual man. It's a common theme that has always been discussed in society or hip hop period, but the Pimp and Bun come straight forward with it.

The album begins to come to a close once we reach the dope "Hi Life", which is yet another laid back track. While UGK had the trunk rattling music, they also had the laid back classics that we could all vibe to. The title track on the album is another dope one, and the outro features Pimp just giving props to many if the other artists and folks he is either a fan of or cool with over a very smooth track. Ridin Dirty is a classic album, not only for Texas, but for the hip hop  culture period. Reflect on this album and enjoy.

RIP to the Pimp.



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