DAR R&B Spotlight: Jazmine Sullivan

By @_Oh_Bee & @EATtheKANDY 

Today, on the first DAR R&B spotlight article, we talk about about a growing Philly native, who has seen her career go through ups and downs, including a brief retirement, but she's back on track and sounding better than ever. Today, we gathered two of the DAR ladies to discuss this great artists. Let's get right into it.

I think it would be more wise and a lot shorter to give a list of songs that ARE NOT good, as opposed to the ones that are hits when it comes to the multitalented Jazmine Sullivan. Hailing from the rough, gritty city (just an hour and a half away from my own hometown) Philly aka the home of the cheesesteak, but I digress. I had the pleasure of seeing this sultry songstress live just last year at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. The performance changed my life. Now, I have been a fan since I first heard her powerful voice croon about busting the windows out of a car in an oh-so-classy way(don't judge). However, hearing her live and witnessing the way she switches runs so effortlessly it's like.....man, I almost came to tears. The show was around 2 hours and by the time it ended literally no one moved chanting 'ENCORE! ENCORE!' until she came back out and gave one last rendition of 'In Love with Another Man', another one of my favorites off her first album 'Fearless'.

If I had a voice upon entering the show, I most definitely left it behind when it ended. I have all three of her albums and you can literally play them from start to finish. Her catalog, although not as vast as others, has a wide variety of topics: from one night stands to using makeup as a metaphorical cover up for plastic surgery as sung in "Mascara" to the classic heartbreak in "My Foolish Heart" to Hood Love...that good love. Not only does she deserve to be Grammy Nominated as she is, but she deserves to win. If you appreciate REAL R&B, I'm talking homegrown church bred SINGING, I suggest you take a listen to Ms. Sullivan. She's the real deal.

Jazmine Sullivan has one of the best voices in the industry and that’s not an exaggeration by any means. What sets her apart is the fact that she doesn’t fit the norm. When she opens her mouth, I get chills every time. There aren’t many singers who I can say the same for.

She received several nominations all from her debut album, Fearless. While that may be the standard, I appreciate her for staying true to her own artistry. She never tried to be anyone else. Jazmine came out the gate on the right foot with the Missy Elliott produced single “Need U Bad.” Her raspy alto to tenor range reminds me of Lalah Hathaway. There’s a certain conviction in her voice that’s undeniable.

R&B singers are known for singing from experience. Jasmine Sullivan penned every song on each of her albums. Of course there were others, but to know that she wasn’t just singing from someone else’s perception speaks volumes to me.

I can remember hearing “Lions, Tigers & Bears” and being amazed. That song made me turn the mirror on myself. Love can be a very scary thing. I’m not afraid to handle everything else in life, but that love thing is a different monster.

My favorite song of hers is “In Love With Another Man”. This song was refreshingly honest about everyday situations. I’m not celebrating infidelity, but there are women who have to face this very thing. Jazmine isn’t afraid to be completely transparent in her songs and the industry needs more of that.

In 2011, Jazmine announced that she was done with music. While I hated the decision, I commend her honesty. She refused to stay in the music industry when she didn’t enjoy it anymore. It can weigh on celebrities’ personal lives and she remembered to put herself first. In 2015, after dealing with her own stuff, she blessed us with her album Reality Show. It shot straight to number one on Billboard.

In my eyes, Jazmine can do no wrong. She’s relatable and she’s beautiful. She’s got a fan for life in me.

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