Legendary Comedians: Bernie Mac

Today, I gathered the team up once again to talk about a legend. However, this time around, we aren't talking a legendary artist or album, we're talking one of the greatest comedians of all time, Bernie Mac. We've all got our own personal memories of Bernie and favorite moments, so this was all fun roundtable to conduct. Let's get into it, shall we?

Bernie Mac. Underrated comedian. Overrated film and TV star. Now, now, now--stay with me. We've come to know his film and TV work much more than the source material for some of his successes. Truthfully, I love the raunchiness of his stand-up over the sanitized version of it we saw in The Bernie Mac Show. But, as better as the standup was alone, the title series, for instance, it helped flesh out the characters and the situations. That's what I meant.

Hands down - one of my favorite comedians to ever touch the stage. Bernie Mac is absolutely amazing. Even though he's no longer here, his jokes stay with us.

He first stood out to me as the pastor on Friday. Bernie's voice was different and he knew how to use it. Friday had so many memorable lines but Bernie's scene is my absolute favorite. Even though he was only in the movie briefly, his moments were unforgettable.

What I like most about Bernie is that he showed diversity while being consistent, if that makes sense. To me, he doesn't play the same roles. For example, in Head of State, he played opposite Chris Rock as the authoritative figure. Chris Rock was running for president and Bernie was essentially the strong arm, but hilarious every step of the way.

Mr. Mac was the highlight of the Original Kings of Comedy. He closed the show out and I believe he was strategically placed there. His act was the best of the four. He was so raw and honest and thorough. He came with so much energy and was so relatable.

Bernie's had so many other roles on various movies and they all stand out. When his own sitcom aired telling the story of how he took in his brother's kids, I watched faithfully. His mannerisms and gestures were what made him a comedic genius to me. He took his time with his art and perfected his craft. Even as the owner or Player's Club, he drew us in. Bernie owned his character and we welcomed him in as family. There will never be another like him.

It would be difficult to say Bernie Mac is not one of the greatest comedians of all time. With a career spanning over twenty years, Mac held his own with a number of starring roles in films, supporting roles in high profile Hollywood films such as the Oceans movies, and even a weekly primetime television show on FOX. As one of the original kings of comedy, Mac gave a very energetic yet professional style to his comedy that could not be matched or duplicated.

Bernie Mac had been around the comedy scene for a large portion of his life. Having opened for such legendary names as Redd Foxx, the film career for Mac really took off in the 1990’s when he had a small role in House Party 3 and has since elevated. With a number of Emmy and Golden Globe award wins, Mac left a very underrated career in some eyes, as he reached the heights in television and film that most aspire to, however was not often seen as a leading man in Hollywood.

While he made a number of appearances in blockbuster Hollywood films such as Transformers, Charlies Angels: Full Throttle, and the Oceans series, his movies in leading roles such as Soul Men and Mr.3000 did not really light up the box office. However, Mac played the role as America’s favorite uncle on the semi-autobiographical Bernie Mac Show perfectly. Mac left a legacy and a list of life lessons to remember for generations to come.

Bernie Mac is a legend. He's one of the original kings of comedy and he is in my top 5 all time comedy list. His career has spawned like 20 years and he has filled us with so much laughter over the years. He shined since his Def Comedy Jam days to his appearances in almost every black film in the early to mid 90s (including Friday and Don't Be A Menace to name a few). Bernie even had a few roles on TV such as Moesha where he was pretty good playing Brandy's uncle.  I think the Kings of Comedy movie and the Bernie Mac show launched Bernie into the mainstream. He was excellent on his self titled show because he played himself. He gave us an insight on the various talents he had as an actor.

Bernie was just reaching his peak being casted in films like Oceans 13 and Transformers, and he was hitting a stride. Unfortunately his illness took him from us, but Bernie Mac will always be missed and heralded.

Bernie Mac remains to me one of the best comedians ever and is easily one of my personal favorites. My first experience with his stand-up comedy was the classic movie ''The Original Kings of Comedy''. His and Cedric the Entertainer's sets stood out the most, but Bernie was on another level. Everything he said came from a real place and his delivery and distinct voice only served to enhance every story and every joke. It was after this I looked for more and found his classic Def Comedy Jam set where he boldly declared to the crowd ''I ain't scared of you motherfuckers''. It was that phrase that embodied what Bernie Mac brought not just to comedy but entertainment as well. From his underrated sitcom ''The Bernie Mac Show'' where he not only brought the laughs, but some real emotional moments, to his scene stealing appearance in Chris Rock's ''Head of State'' right up to his last film appearance in what was a great comedy in ''Soul Men'' (With another classic Bernie line ''we don't have the time or the apparatus for that type of job'') Bernie Mac was fearless and will forever go down as one of the best to ever do it. RIP to a true great.

Bernie Mac was a fearless comedian. A man with a heart of gold and a sense of humor like no other, Bernie is one of the greatest comedians of all time. I remember first noticing Bernie on Def Comedy Jam and honestly I found his demeanor ridiculous, but I couldn't stop laughing at all. His jokes carried a bit of ghetto realism to them that some comedians tried too hard to bring in their routine. That raw comedic approach worked wonders for Bernie on the Original Kings of Comedy, where he was essentially the closer for the night over the other 3 comics and with good reason. His set was amazing to watch and had you rolling on the floor laughing from beginning to end.

As far as films, in every role, Bernie brought his A game, especially as the pastor in Friday and as Dollar Bill in the Players Club or even his role in Bad Santa. He was honestly hilarious in the comedy "Guess Who" and displayed his comedic chops in starring roles in "Mr. 3000" and "Soul Men", though his prized moments came from his FOX show "The Bernie Mac Show". It was that show which put him in mainstream media households and garnered him more success in a bigger realm. I always felt that with better roles given to him, Bernie could have been a leading man in Hollywood.

Regardless, Bernie had quite the career and I miss his comedy and his way of speaking. I think he's needed in this day and age of film and TV. What do you remember about Bernie Mac? Post your comments below.



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