DAR TV: The 15 Worst Black Sitcoms

By @TrueGodImmortal

In television, we've had a lot of great black sitcoms that we love. From the landmark Cosby Show to the college centered experience in A Different World, all the way to the classics of our childhood like Martin and Fresh Prince, there have been black sitcoms that completely hit the mark. On the other hand, there have been some sitcoms that completely missed the mark. From middle of the road shows like Nell and That's My Mama to the complete disasters like Homeboys In Outer Space, there are a lot of lackluster shows to feature our people unfortunately. Today, that's what our focus is on. The worst of the worst. We take a look at the 15 worst black sitcoms ever in television history. Let's get into it.

(UPN, 3 Seasons)

-Now... here's the thing about this show. It was unnecessary for one. Eve was never really seen as a true actress and despite a small role in the Barbershop film series, there's not much else to really go off of to show her acting prowess. With Jason George playing her love interest throughout the 3 seasons off and on, their chemistry really fell flat. Her friends didn't even have chemistry on the show, and I just couldn't find it believable that Ali Landry, Eve, and Natalie Reid were actually close friends. Also, the secondary characters played by Brian Hooks and Sean Maguire really added nothing to the show and then there's the biggest issue I had with the entire thing: the show was called Eve and her name was Shelly. Shelly Williams at that. I mean, what the hell. There aren't any memorable moments or episodes that come to mind, further confirming that this show was horrible.

*Homeboys In Outer Space
(UPN, 1 Season)

-There's no way in hell that this show doesn't get listed here. It's impossible. First off, anything starring Flex Alexander is horrible. Secondary, Daryl M. Bell, infamously known as Ron from A Different World, deserves much better. MUCH BETTER. The premise is just silly and the title is so ridiculously racist in essence that I can't help but imagine the meetings that UPN had when coming up with this show. Imagine the execs thinking that black people would want to see a show based around brothers in space..... written by white people. There was a bit of a black presence behind the scenes and Glynn Turman, who was also from A Different World was one of the directors, and Miguel Nunez, a black sitcom regular, was one of the producers, but that makes it even worse. Miguel Nunez has literally done nothing entertaining or good minus playing Pretty Ricky on Martin (go to hell Juwanna Mann). This show was horrible from top to bottom, with some of the worst jokes ever in sitcom history and honestly, they wasted a ton of huge guest appearances and cameos. This is honestly one of the worst shows in television history period. Simple.

*Method And Red
(FOX, 1 Season)

-As a hip hop fan... I love Method Man and Redman. They are both legends. However, their film How High being a cult classic is something that has never registered with me. The movie isn't really funny minus a few scenes and even if you're a smoker, there's not much to this film at all. It's cringe worthy with the humor at times and I was under the impression it was a one time thing. Unfortunately, someone at FOX decided to offer a boatload of money (I'm guessing) to produce 13 episodes of Method and Red moving to the suburbs and stereotypically causing chaos. The show was canceled due to issues Method and Red had with the studio once it aired, but how did they not see this was a disaster right at the inception? How??? The tagline for the show was "putting the urban in suburban".... I mean what the hell would you expect? This is quite possible the 1B to Homeboys In Outer Space's 1A for the absolute worst show ever. I'm ashamed that someone even thought this was a good idea.

(UPN, 2 Seasons)

-One of the most interesting yet disappointing shows was Sparks. It started off well enough based around Compton lawyers, involved in a family law practice. Starting James Avery, Terrence Howard, Miguel Nunez, and Robin Givens, this show should have won big. It doesn't really have the writing to push it beyond the mundane and though the characters have decent banter through the episodes, it falls extremely short of what it should and could be. Sparks wasn't the worst show ever, but it definitely is on the list of the worst black sitcoms and it is the most disappointing of any on the list because of the potential.

*Under One Roof
(MyNetworkTV, 1 Season)

-Truth be told, MyNetworkTV was essentially just the result of UPN merging with the WB and the result of what was left in the dust after the birth of the CW. MyNetworkTV played WWE Smackdown for a while, and that's about the only decent thing I remember being on the channel. Riding the wave of popularity and resurgence from his reality show Flavor Of Love, Flavor Flav got his own sitcom. I don't know who gave this the green light or who really thought this was a good idea, but a cast of Flav, Kelly Perine, Jesse Reid, and more doesn't exactly scream out "hit show" to me. With a lack of true comedy, no memorable moments, and 13 mostly boring episodes, there's no doubt in my mind that this is one of the absolute worst of them all. Never give Flav another TV show. Ever. I really mean this.

*The Parkers 
(UPN, 5 Seasons)

-I see your face. You're stopping right now and reading this like "what... what.. how could The Parkers be here", right? Or maybe not. You might be expecting this show to be here because you also dealt with the horrible jokes, the annoying sound of Monique and Countess Vaughn together, and Dorien Wilson is completely unbelievable in any role he has and unbearable as an actor honestly. Now, there were plus sides to this show of course, although minimal. I mean, there's the greatest actor ever in Ken L. (sarcasm), the bouncy theme where Countess sings loudly "We're The Parkers" and gives off quite a ear screeching laugh, and on the actual positive side, there's the opportunity to look at Jenna Von Oy, who was surprisingly the best part of this show for obvious reasons. Otherwise, this show was 110 episodes of waste. Monique has never really been funny to me and Countess has always been annoying as an actress. Dorien Wilson as the Monique "love interest" Professor Oglevee over the show's duration was like the reverse of Urkel and Laura, and it wasn't fun to watch. If only they kept the beautiful Mari Morrow as Desiree and maybe the show wouldn't have been so bad.... I doubt that, but it sounded nice at least.

*Meet The Browns 
(TBS, 5 Seasons)

-Tyler Perry doesn't make good television or movies. While I can't say I've seen all of his movies or shows, what I can say is that his shows fall short and are embarrassingly bad. With the lead character LeRoy Brown, you get a loudmouth character that dresses ridiculously and is over the top. I'm sure at one point, this might have been funny, and there are minimal laughs sometimes with this one, but there's not enough to make it work. Every character just lacks something and truthfully, one of the biggest mishaps of the show is the horrible writing. The jokes are stale, the delivery of them are stale, and the show was a disaster from the jump.

*One On One 
(UPN, 5 Seasons)

-Everything that Flex Alexander touches turns to shit. He was the worst portrayal of Michael Jackson minus Joseph Fiennes, he was a star of Homeboys In Outer Space, he was a horrible Darnell on Girlfriends, and then there's this show. 5 seasons. 113 episodes. Why? Why? Did UPN like to torture their viewers? Did the viewers like to torture themselves by watching this show every week? I know I couldn't deal with it. I periodically checked the show out hoping it would get better, but it never did. Kyla Pratt isn't a bad actress overall, but the script and the storyline was just boring and the show being based in Baltimore while looking NOTHING like the actual Baltimore was an insult to my hometown. Despite a number of great cameos from various black stars, this show was horrible and really the funniest thing about it is that it had a character named Arnaz (his full name is Arnaz LeRoy Ballard, which is hilarious). Not even adding the great Ray J (haha) could make this show better.

*House of Payne 
(TBS, 8 Seasons)

-I honestly wish I could say I hate this show, but I don't. I don't hate it. I don't like it. I don't love it. It just exists. What baffles me is that this show has 254 episodes and 8 seasons. First off, 254 episodes is excessive and over 8 seasons, it's ridiculous. Season 8 apparently had 62 episodes, which is just... why. Curtis Payne is your standard stereotypical character, and he's the lead for this show. Every supporting characters lacks the engagement you need to become invested and that is essentially the issue with anything Tyler Perry creates. 254 episodes. Just why? Why?

(UPN, 2 Seasons)

-You know, once upon a time, Marques Houston was a star. He had released that one song with R. Kelly about the "MH and Pied Piper (insert the loud and hilarious R. Kelly background noises here)", and he danced in the rain in You Got Served while doing it for Lil Saint. I mean the man was destined for stardom. He had been in House Party as a child and Sister, Sister as the infamous character Roger, but as his adult life began in Hollywood, he was given this spinoff show based around One On One. Also set in Baltimore, this show really didn't grasp the feel of the city I was born and raised, and honestly Marques Houston as a leading man is just not the right way to go. Overall, the show would have a few good and funny moments, but nothing memorable to speak of and it just wasn't consistent enough. None of the characters were really relatable and it just dragged on. I'm surprised this actually got 2 seasons and I fully believe if UPN never merged to the CW that we'd have seen 5 seasons of Cuts. I guarantee it actually.

*Love That Girl 
(TVOne, 4 Seasons)

-Once upon a time, the shows produced by Bentley Kyle Evans and Martin Lawrence would have been surefire hits and enjoyable to watch. However, as TVOne got into more original programming, they really missed the mark here. For one, Tatyana Ali being in this show in a starring role alongside a cast that lacks chemistry was just a bad idea. Don't get me wrong, this could have worked, but it just wasn't casted correctly. There are a few moments of laughter, but they aren't very frequent. Compare this to many of the best, and even some of the middle of the road shows, and this is really just in the lower tier of black sitcoms. It's a surprise that this show even got 4 seasons honestly, and if you've sat through the entire 63 episodes, then I want to wish you well because there was no way in hell that I could stomach 63 episodes of this show. I really couldn't.

*The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer 
(UPN, 1 Season)

-I really don't have much to say about this show. Chi McBride is a very good actor.... and he deserved much better than this. This is a show based around slavery during the Abraham Lincoln days basically, and how someone could attempt to make a show out of this... I'll never know. I really have very little to say about this show aside from the fact that it was horrible, made little sense, and that if you enjoyed this show, please stop reading this right now, slap yourself, then commence with the rest of the article. This is a show I've NEVER heard anyone say they enjoyed and with good reason. Poor writing, poor story, and just awful all across the board.

(FOX, 1 Season)

-If you would have asked me if I felt the need to see Michael Strahan act... I'd have said the smart answer, which is no. FOX is responsible for some horrible television over the years, and I'll be honest.... this show is one of their worst. With Michael Strahan and Daryl "Chill" Mitchell as the stars, this show was honestly tough to get through in the few episodes I actually attempted to watch. It had a few funny moments here and there, but overall, the show just felt completely short of what little potential it had. Strahan is horrible as an actor and the episodes dragged on for the duration.

*Wanda At Large 
(FOX, 2 Seasons)

-Let me start off by saying one thing: Wanda Sykes has never really been funny. This isn't a knock on her personally, but as a comedian, I've never really found her funny. However, in the 2000s, she was pretty popular amongst the masses and that led her to receive a sitcom of her own on FOX. Now, FOX had not been in the black sitcom game for a while officially, but Wanda At Large put them back in the game as it debuted right after American Idol, giving it a huge lead in. It was successful for the first "season" of 6 episodes, and renewed for a second season, but there was one problem: The show sucked. It was poorly written and just not funny. After some network nonsense, Wanda At Large moved to a death time slot and never recovered, being canceled in the second season. Truthfully, it was probably for the best, as that horrible show did not need to pollute TVs around the world any longer. No offense Wanda, but the show just wasn't the one.

*In The Cut 
(Bounce TV, 2 Seasons)

-First things first, Dorien Wilson portraying these roles doesn't have any effect after Katt Williams put him on blast for his "truth". It's painstakingly obvious and it's actually hilarious. However, this show, coincidentally directed by Bentley Kyle Evans, is yet another show that just doesn't work at all. Ken L. is in this show (the GOAT actor), and you'd think instantly that would make this a hit and one of the best shows ever right? Pardon the sarcasm, but this is just one of those shows that I watched and literally never laughed one time, which is a rarity. I didn't laugh in a good way, I didn't even laugh in a "wow, this show is so bad, I'm laughing my ass off" way either. I just sat there and watched, gave it a few more chances, and got the same reaction. Jackee Harry is always a welcome sight on the screen, and she was on the first season, but even she can't save this awful show, nor could the beautiful Kellita Smith. Another bland sitcom of this era.



  1. Television shows or movies featuring black actors are just not funny at all. These films and shows are always too political and always putting down white people. That is just not comedy...white shows are better. I am a black person saying this. Black tv shows and movies are not funny and they are boring!


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