DAR TV: The 20 Best Couples On Black Sitcoms

By @TrueGodImmortal 

When looking back at the great black sitcoms of yesterday (and today), we tend to love the couples that make these respective shows entertaining to watch. Their banter, their connection and on-screen chemistry just all seem to work together perfectly and throughout the ups and downs of the TV relationship (there are always ups and downs), we watch the narrative and story play out. Today, we are here to talk about some of the best couples in black sitcom history. There may be a few left off here that you enjoyed, but these are the top couples to me. Let's get into it.

*Kyle Barker and Maxine Shaw 
(Living Single)

-While Maxine Shaw was an attorney who was brash and hilarious, Kyle Barker was smooth and more to the point. Their love/hate friendship eventually turned into the 2nd biggest love story arc on the show and made for some really fun moments. Kyle and Max seemed like a match made in heaven.... or hell.

*Steve Urkel and Myra
(Family Matters)

-First of all, let's get this clear: Laura was terrible for Steve. Completely. I'd never put Urkel and Laura as a couple because they were awful together. Myra loved Urkel, she had his best interest at heart, but of course, Urkel wanted the boring and mundane Laura. And if we are being honest, Myra looked much better than Laura. Their chemistry on the show when they were into each other was top notch and my favorite thing about the entire show honestly.

*Ced and Lovita 
(The Steve Harvey Show)

-As silly as their relationship seemed, Terri J. Vaughn as Lovita Alize Jenkins is one of the funniest turns I've seen in black sitcoms. She was loud, ghetto, and a bit abrasive, but that was never an issue. Her and Cedric had great chemistry and were great comedy fodder together, and I'd dare say they had more chemistry than the main relationship on the show, which you'll see later on in this list.

*Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv 
(The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

-First off, let me confirm. I'm only talking about Darkskin Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil. Despite how annoying the woman being the Aunt Viv character is, she was the perfect choice for the role. She fit the elegant yet down to earth role and was the perfect complement to Philip Banks. Their on screen chemistry was second to none and they were able to make the first few seasons of the show so great. The chemistry with the new Aunt Viv just wasn't there and it weighed the show down tremendously in later seasons, as Aunt Viv's role became lesser. Still, these two were a

*Jamie And Fancy
(The Jamie Foxx Show)

-The guy chases the girl storyline was always funny, but this was one where the tension between the two reached a fever pitch. Their moments together on the show made for hilarious back and forths and their banter, and their chemistry was one of the highest I've ever witnessed in black television.

*Derwin and Melanie 
(The Game)

-This couple had some ridiculous ups and downs, but all in all, they were fun to watch when going through them and when they managed to work things out. The over dramatic elements were a bit much, but the dichotomy and their love displayed definitely worked.

*Cole and Big Shirley 

-This is honestly hilarious to think about, but we don't know what Big Shirley looks like and probably never will. That's what makes this couple that's more of a reference than an actual couple so much fun on the show. Big Shirley is usually the topic of many of Martin's jokes and the nonsense that she takes Cole through is hilarious. It was hinted at multiple times who Big Shirley was and she was apparently shown once, but that didn't match the large figure that would console Cole in Nipsey's later on in the show. Needless to say, this was still a hilarious arc of the show and this couple has to be mentioned.

*Steve And Regina 
(The Steve Harvey Show)

-Though I think their chemistry paled in comparison to Ced and Lovita, I think the story arc of Steve and Principal Greer is the best story, as it lasted the entire show. Their tension through the show's duration and other failed relationships made their eventual coming together that much better.

*Pam and Tommy 

-Though a short lived relationship, the dichotomy of these two was hilarious one of my favorite things about the show. From the episode where they moved in together to Tommy taking up for Pam against Martin, these two were great together as friends and as lovers.

*Dwayne Wayne and Whitley
(A Different World)

-The standard for many relationships on sitcoms, the chemistry between these two was undeniable. From their days at Hillman College together to their adult lives and eventual marriage, Dwayne and Whitley were a joy to watch for all.

*Scooter and Khadijah
(Living Single)

-Though many don't even look at them as a model couple, their chemistry was off the charts. It seemed as if Khadijah had found someone that matched her wit and her focus. They were seemingly a perfect match,

*Julius and Rochelle
(Everybody Hates Chris)

-They were almost polar opposites, but it worked. Julius was cheap and frugal, while Rochelle wanted to be much more than what their family was, and she was also no nonsense. She made sure to be the balance of the family in spite of this, showcasing her ability to make everything seem alright for the kids and for Julius when necessary.

*Cliff and Clair
(The Cosby Show)

-The ultimate happy couple that never seemingly wavered, these two were the epitome of black love and success on the television front, and the first true example of upper middle class black American families on TV. This was a pioneering couple for black television.

*Will and Lisa
(The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

-Nia Long and Will Smith had some great chemistry and though their romance didn't end in a great way, they made for some fun times and entertaining television. It's the most significant relationship that Will had and if this were a longer list, I'd put Will and Tyra Banks' Jackie character, which was just below this romance.

*Michael Kyle and Jay
(My Wife And Kids)

-The relationships that Tisha Campbell has on TV are usually great and this is no different. Combined with Damon Wayans and his humor, these two bounced off each other and their kids on the show perfectly.

*Overton and Sinclair
(Living Single)

-The quirky couple that we all grew to cheer for, Overton and Sinclair built a bond we enjoyed watching throughout the duration of this crazy sitcom. The lead up to them finally making it official was truly fun television, and their relationship was always a joy to watch through their interesting moments.

*George and Louise
(The Jeffersons)

-When most of us think of this show, these two are the first to come to mind. George and Weezy (it's funny writing that out) were essentially polar opposites who bounced off of each other. She was his balance and he was the outlandish one. For that alone, they were a great couple to watch on the screen.

*Bernie and Wanda Mac
(The Bernie Mac Show)

-I'd probably crown these two as the most underrated couple because they bounced off each other so well. Bernie was honestly the more sensible one, where Wanda was more centered to doing what the kids wanted, and their dichotomy was fun to watch and observe.

*James and Florida Evans
(Good Times)

-While I wasn't the big fan or Florida Evans on the show, she was the rock to the Evans family and the one with the calm demeanor. James Evans is the one who kept the family afloat, but without Florida by his side, he couldn't have done it. That's the mark of a great TV couple and a couple in general.

*Martin and Gina

-This is the greatest couple in TV history to me, Martin and Gina provided laugh after laugh for all of us over the course of 4 seasons. I say 4 seasons because the 5th saw them be separate due to personal issues and at the end of the day, kill off their chemistry. However, for those 4 seasons, they were one of the most fun things to watch in television history and I truly enjoyed watching their impeccable chemistry from day one. If this was ranked, this would be no. 1. No question.



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