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By @TrueGodImmortal

There are gaming franchises that have stood the test of time, and despite a recent decline in quality, Call of Duty is still one of the most successful franchises ever in gaming. Over the years, we witnessed Call of Duty release dates be met with immense popularity and excitement from fans to the tune of millions of sales. The truth is, Call of Duty provided an experience unlike any other. When the franchise extended beyond the World War 2 settings that garnered it the massive popularity, there were mixed results. Some games worked, some games didn't. Today, that's why we are here. With 13 games that's been in the series so far, how do the top 5 games stack up? Let's take a look at the top 5 games in this First Person Shooter series.

5. Call Of Duty: World At War (2008)

-Many people might be surprised at the inclusion of this game on this list. Here's the truth. There aren't many great editions of this game, but this game comes as close to being great as possible for the series. It was an attempt to showcase the mental strain of war and everything around it outside of it just the physical aspect and it was a welcome change. At first, when this game came out, I honestly thought to myself this was a bad idea because it took the series back to WWII, but it was a risk that paid off IMO. So far, it represents one of the best presentation of the battles in WWII and gives a true sense of realism in every element. This was one of the first games for Call of Duty that Treyarch actually got right. The biggest addition to this game that made it even better? The Nazi Zombies! I mean, sure, killing Nazi soldiers is fun on a video game any way you slice it, but Nazi zombies??? That took the game up a notch immediately. This is the precursor to the Black Ops series and it was a great lead in to the next wave of the Call of Duty franchise.

4. Call of Duty 2 (2005)

-This was the game that got me into the franchise and the series. The first one came and went for me honestly, but this was the game that truly captivated me and made me a fan. I'll be honest on my discovery of the gaming franchise. Years ago, a younger True would occasionally check out the games in Best Buy and hop on the Xbox 360 in store to see what they had on the system. On one particular day, Call of Duty 2 happened to be on the TV. From the moment I got a chance to play it, I was instantly hooked. A little while later, I would end up purchasing the game, and it would change how I played FPS games forever. This game had one of the most fun story modes and a number of great missions on that campaign. Sure, the game has evolved so much more from this point, but this was one of the biggest moments for the franchise and without this game, this franchise would have never taken off like it did.

3. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 (2012)

-Choosing between the first and the second Black Ops isn't necessarily easy, but in my memory, the first one didn't really capture me as much as the second one oddly enough. Sure, the first one paved the way for the next chapter in the franchise, but the second perfected what they were going for. There are multiple endings here, and while that works to mixed results in a way, the choice of carrying out missions in different ways adds a layer to the game and their storytelling that goes underrated in a major way. Black Ops 2 is a prime example of Treyarch sticking to their guns with certain elements of the game that we love in tact, but they also stretched out to try their hardest to experiment more and more, and it works. This game ended up being more fun than just about every game in the series that didn't have the word "Modern" in the title. That says a lot honestly.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

-When this sequel to the franchise changing game first released, I was truly surprised at how good it was and that the game managed to keep the same elements that made a huge fan of the first edition. The single player campaign captures everything it needed to and the multiplayer introduced us to Rust, which would alone be enough to earn it a spot on the list. The game was not without controversy either, as one of the most talked about missions of the game ended up causing a stir, but nothing could take away from the quality of this gaming experience. It's as close as Activision has come to achieving greatness like the first edition of this game. Modern Warfare 2 is an undisputed classic and easily the 2nd best in the series.

1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)

-Deciding between the first and the second edition of the Modern Warfare trilogy is tough. It's clear that these two games are the best of the series, but there are things that each game does better than the other. What made me tip the scale in favor of the first Modern Warfare? A few factors. For one, the change over. It was the first game to incorporate more updated war themes, a much more concise design for the maps, and the absolute epic missions during the campaign that can never be forgotten. Charlie Don't Surf and All Ghilled Up were my two favorite missions to play, but they were far from the only ones that were truly enjoyable. There has been no game quite like Modern Warfare and besides the sequel to this game, there are no other games in the Call Of Duty series that comes close to this one. It might be a long time before they reach this level of perfection again, if they ever do.



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