DAR TV: The 5 Best Comedy Central Network Shows

By TrueGodImmortal

Comedy Central isn't one of my favorite networks anymore, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a fan of the network heavily at one point. Over the years, we've witnessed a number of solid to classic shows on the network and they established themselves as one of the premier networks for groundbreaking and sometimes controversial comedy. Today, we wanted to take a look back at the 5 best shows in Comedy Central network history. There is a chance you won't see your favorite show from the network here, as the challenge of narrowing it down to 5 might end up having some top tier shows left off, but that's a part of only having 5. Whether or not your favorite is on the list, we hope you read and enjoy. Let's get into it.

*Crank Yankers
(4 Seasons, 70 Episodes)

-This show was pretty hilarious and was legit based around prank calls, which made it even funnier. Celebrities and the regulars would make prank calls and they would be re-enacted by the puppets to show the viewer exactly what was likely to happen visually on the call. The performers/celebrities/regulars included huge names like Dave Chappelle, Steve-O, Lil Jon, Jamie Kennedy, and more, the show tapped into the right demographic and gave us years of hilarious crank calls and tremendous laughter.

*The Daily Show
(1996-Present, 2900+ Episodes)

-There have been there host on this show and yet we only remember one seriously. Trevor Noah is now the host of this show, but it will forever be the show that Jon Stewart built. Whether or not you're a big fan of Stewart, Noah, or this show in general, The Daily Show became one of the biggest shows in the history of the network and really managed to push Jon Stewart into legendary status and while in some way Trevor Noah struggles to keep the show in the same light, The Daily Show still manages ratings and interest some 21 years after the debut wirh Craig Kilborn. That is legendary in its own right.

*South Park
(20 Seasons, 277 Episodes)

-One of the greatest shows to ever exist in the animation world, South Park is legendary and I would crown it as the 2nd greatest show on Comedy Central if this was ranked. The truth be told, I think South Park has severely overstayed its welcome like The Simpsons and Family Guy, but this takes nothing away from the heyday of the show and the immense popularity that spawned merchandise, movies, and a nationwide phenomenon. Any show that is successful to an extent for 20 seasons will always be at the top of the list for whichever network it aired on. It's that simple.

*Comedy Central Roast

-You might read this and be shocked. Where is Broad City? Where is The Colbert Report? Where is Workaholics? I'm sorry to break this news to you, but for this writer, there aren't many shows that can get me to tune in like a good old fashioned controversial and disrespectful roast. This is one of the crowning achievements for Comedy Central, with hilarious roasts for Pamela Anderson, Jeff Foxworthy, William Shatner, Flava Flav, and Bob Saget, including one for the current president Donald Trump that was pretty funny. The truth is, these roasts are what make Comedy Central so great and that is why this makes my list. 

*Chappelle's Show
(3 Seasons, 28 Episodes)

-Though many people don't give tbis show the credit it deserves in history, it's the greatest show to come along on Comedy Central. South Park has more longevity, sure, but consider the amount of success and how the legacy of Chappelle's Show has outlasted the actual duration of it. It lasted two full seasons and one short season that felt like it was just thrown together and has no involvement from Dave anyway. Make no mistake about it, the 2 seasons of Chappelle's Show are two of the greatest in television history, more than I can say for any other show on Comedy Central. With that in mind, it would be criminal to leave this show off the list as it brought record ratings and huge paydays for everyone involved at the network. From Rick James to Prince to Mad Real World to Black Bush and every sketch in between, Chappelle's Show changed the landscape of television and the way we look at sketch comedy forever. The fallout also changed the way I looked at Comedy Central forever as well.



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