DAR TV: The 10 Greatest FOX Comedies

By @TrueGodImmortal

The truth be told, while most of us aren't fond of the FOX political network, the actual television network is responsible for many great programs over the years. From their block of great sitcoms with black actors leading the way (Martin, Living Single, Roc) to their legendary Animation Domination Sunday window, FOX has given us many laughs through the years. Today, I wanted to take a look at the 10 greatest comedy shows to come from their network. There are some that just missed the list like Malcolm In The Middle, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, The Bernie Mac Show, and more, but they are great also. With that being said, let's take a look at the best FOX comedies.

*In Living Color
(5 Seasons, 127 Episodes)

-Who knew sketch comedy could be so great? The template for a lot of black comedies, In Living Color changed the way we consumed comedy. Keenan Ivory Wayans created a show that introduced us to names like Tommy Davidson, David Alan Grier, Jamie Foxx, Damon Wayans, and Jim Carrey. It was the urban version of Saturday Night Live, but better. It was more hard hitting, more controversial, and funnier. From creating iconic characters to classic sketches, In Living Color is one of the greatest shows to come from FOX.

*Arrested Development
(3 Seasons, 53 Episodes)

-I debated on this one, but it's essentially a must to have this on the list. Arrested Development is one of the most brilliantly written shows to exist in comedy and while I wasn't the biggest fan of the show in its heyday, I definitely recognize the importance. A show that really brought actors like Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Michael Cera into mainstream popularity, Arrested Development showcased wit, dry humor, pop culture related hilarity, and intelligence comedy that really required attention from the viewer. To some, it is the best sitcom ever. While I don't agree with this, I can recognize that Arrested Development is a classic show and one of the best on the network without question.

*The Simpsons
(28 Seasons, 618 Episodes)

-The longest running episodic program in television is the greatest show in FOX history. The show pushed the limits of animation, not in graphics, but in sensibility and quality. Never before had an animated show been as smart, engaging, or political as The Simpsons. The Simpsons always seemed to be ahead of its time and of course, there are plenty of conspiracy theories to signal the severity of how far ahead the show was. Still, we got so many iconic characters and moments from the show, and no one could deny the power of Homer, Bart, Marge, Maggie, and Lisa as one of the greatest TV families ever. The Simpsons is a classic show and dare I say, the greatest show in FOX history period.

*Living Single
(5 Seasons, 118 Episodes)

-Before there was Friends, there was Living Single. A show about a group of close friends living in the same apartment complex in New York City. What a concept. However, this show excelled due to the personalities that carried the comedy and the narratives. You could see the quirky and goofy with Overton and Synclaire, the back and forth between Maxine Shaw and Kyle Barker, the high class delusion of Regine, and the plight of Khadijah. You had a great dynamic on this show overall, a lot of big laughs, and in many ways, Flavor Magazine is etched in TV history as quite possibly the greatest fictional magazine of all time. Living Single is underrated in many ways, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it is one of the greatest comedies on FOX.

*Family Guy
(15 Seasons, 289 Episodes)

-The sixth longest running episodic show in television is nearing its 16th season and 300th episode. While many would say this show isn't as funny as it was during the early years, the truth is, Family Guy still has its moments. It is always crass, disrespectful, and crosses the line more often than not, but that's what makes it so hilarious. It is a show that pushes the limit of what's acceptable and controversial, and that's always been hilarious to a large sector of the world. The easily offended might not like Family Guy, but it is a classic program and anytime you can create legendary characters like Peter Griffin, Stewie, Brian, and Quagmire, you've done something right. There are so many classic episodes in the long running history of Family Guy that there is no way to not include it on a list like this. It's one of the greatest.

*Married...With Children
(11 Seasons, 259 Episodes)

-In today's society, this show would be hated. Blame the sensitivity of the world and ridiculous whining, but Married.. With Children would be hated by the SJWs and the faux feminists of the world. However, for the rest of us, this show is just good and hilarious fun. At its core, it's really a lighthearted show about an extremely misguided family. The Bundy family was full of stereotypical characters, but that made the show even more fun. There was Peggy Bundy, the loud and slightly annoying redhead wife of the lead character, Al Bundy, who was in many ways ignorant, misogynistic, and disrespectful, but always entertaining in the process. There was the typical "dumb blonde" airhead daughter Kelly and the smart yet socially awkward son Bud, and together they made for a hilarious family dynamic that elevated the show to classic levels. Married.. With Children is definitely a top FOX show.

*King Of The Hill
(13 Seasons, 259 Episodes)

-The fact remains that FOX did late night animation better than any other network. Some might argue this show being on the list, but it's really one of the most important shows in the history of the network. The legend of Hank Hill was birthed on this show, and though it isn't my personal favorite, it makes the list for longevity, critical acclaim, and just overall hilarity. It's widely recognized as one of the greatest shows ever on a number of all time lists, so naturally, it would have to crack the list for the best comedies on FOX.

*American Dad
(14 Seasons, 229 Episodes)

-I was late to the party on this show honestly. It's so similar in a way to Family Guy that I felt it was a cheap knock off at first, but honestly, American Dad is ridiculously hilarious. With characters like Stan, Roger (a talking alien), Steve, Francine, and Klaus, American Dad provides hours and hours of laughs. It's actually a bit more concise as a show than Family Guy and while I think the two are neck in neck in quality, American Dad isn't as over the top, and balances their humor pretty well. American Dad might not make every list for FOX, but it lasted much longer than I expected and hasn't lost a step yet, thus earning it a spot on this list.

*That 70's Show
(8 Seasons, 200 Episodes)

-In terms of importance to the network, this show resides well within the upper echelon of shows. The premise of the show takes us back to the 1970's for an interesting look at life in those times. For the first 7 seasons, this show excelled in a major way, as the chronicles of Eric Forman, Kelso, Jackie, Hyde, Fez, and Donna a must see for the viewers. There were elements on the show that kept you laughing and engaged, and if I had to look back at the characters and decide who gave the most laughs, I would go with Eric and Fez honestly. The show went for 8 seasons and 200 episodes, but the last season took a hit due to the departure of Eric and Kelso (as regular characters). Still, for the duration of the first 7 seasons, there weren't too many shows as popular as this one.

(5 Seasons, 132 Episodes)

-The greatest sitcom of all time. Simply put, there has been no show that impacted the black lexicon or landscape quite like this one. Martin was one of those shows that hit you out of nowhere with an instant burst of laughter and kept you engaged. The humor was universal for black culture, as most of us from all walks of life identified with pieces of the show. With only 5 seasons under the show's belt, it has stayed as a topic of discussion some 20 years after the series finale. The first four seasons of Martin are some of the greatest seasons of all time in sitcom history and TV history. The highest rated reruns on cable usually come from Martin reruns and that says a lot about the staying power of the show. Without Martin, Cole, Pam, Tommy, Gina, and the rest of the characters on this show, FOX wouldn't have the impact they had within the culture, which is significant due to their Thursday Night programming which was led by Martin. I used to only watch The Simpsons on FOX during this time, but seeing black characters and a show that was seemingly for us made me want to tune in as a kid regularly. It might not have the impact of The Simpsons on the network's success, but Martin is my personal pick for the greatest show to come from FOX. It's that legendary.



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