DAR TV: 10 Of The Greatest Nickelodeon Shows

By @TrueGodImmortal

When we look back on the networks we enjoyed as children, the one network that sticks out the most is Nickelodeon. There was Nick Jr., regular Nickelodeon, and in addition to that, we even had Nick At Nite, where legendary sitcom reruns played for us to get familiar with. However, their original programming is what kept us engaged as children and kept us coming back to watch. Today, I wanted to pay homage to Nickelodeon and list 10 of the greatest shows on their network. Let's get into it.

(9 Seasons, 172 Episodes)

-If I had to pick a show that was my favorite growing up, Rugrats is high on the list. It was fun, featured some of the more memorable moments of the entire network's history. I remember watching this show and instantly becoming a fan. It had the hilarious element of children with a mind of their own, from the opinionated Tommy to the stuffy Chuckie to the stuck up yet secretly miserably spoiled Angelica all the way down to the twins Phil and Lil, the characters were the best part of the show. The show would end up spawning two major movies, with the first grossing 140 million and the Rugrats In Paris film earning 103 million total as well (the crossover film with The Wild Thornberrys doesn't count). The Rugrats brand is one of the most viable in the history of the network, which means the show is without a doubt one of the most important in the history of the network.

*Rocko's Modern Life
(4 Seasons, 52 Episodes)

-While a mostly short lived series compared to some others, this was definitely a favorite on the network. Following the life of a wallaby named Rocko, the show takes us through random situations and moments that Rocko experiences. Alongside his best friend Heffer, Filburt, and Spunky, Rocko ends up in a bunch of scenarios throughout O-Town, an area near the Great Lakes. The show kept the perfect amount of comedy in it, and Rocko's mostly mundane yet ridiculous life is full of audience pleasing moments. The show seemed to resonate with audiences of all ages due to the  nature of the scenarios and the slightly adult orientated content. Regardless, Rocko's Modern Life is one of the most important shows in the history of the network.

*Hey Arnold!
(5 Seasons, 102 Episodes)

-When discussing the complications of growing up and the teenage experience, there aren't many shows on the network that captured this as well as Hey Arnold. The show was hilarious, presenting memorable characters and some creative angles for episodes, alongside the slightly unsettling life of Helga, one of the most central and important characters on the show. Aside from Arnold having a football sized head and his best friend Gerald being an eclectic and slightly eccentric black child in that neighborhood, there was a good blend of humor, fun, and reality. Hey Arnold! is one of my favorite shows on the network for many reasons, but one watch of the show will likely have you hooked.

*Legends Of The Hidden Temple
(3 Seasons, 120 Episodes)

-While this show only has 3 seasons, there are 120 episodes here with plenty of fun to go around. It was your standard game show in essence, but the focus was a bit different as they mixed elements of multiple game shows to give us one interesting experience. Six teams would go at it, each with two contestants to figure out who would end up entering the temple. After going through three rounds, eventually one team was left standing. This would lead into the final round, The Temple Run, which always ended up being the most fun of the rounds. Through 120 episodes, Legends Of The Hidden Temple remained one of the most engaging shows on the network and it certainly deserves a mention here on this list.

*Spongebob Squarepants
(11 Seasons, 218 Episodes)

-Of course. I've honestly barely watched this show in my entire life, but I recognize how powerful this show was through the years and it is probably the most popular show in the history of the network. It would end up becoming so popular, two feature films were released, the first of which earning 140 million in total at the box office, while the second would end up earning 325 million in total at the box office. The show has become a phenomenon all over the world, and the characters on the program as widely loved and recognized by millions. Whether Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs, or Squidward, each character gave the viewers memorable moments and that's what makes the show one of the biggest, if not the biggest show in the network's history.

(4 Seasons, 52 Episodes)

-I remember not being a fan of the show at first. We used to watch everything else on the network, but I never really got a chance to appreciate this series until it was too late. By the time I began to appreciate the show, it was already on Disney, but the prime of the show came during the run on Nickelodeon. It was one of the original shows on the network next to Rugrats and The Ren & Stimpy show, and it featured a solid message through every episode. The show followed the titular character Doug Funnie through his life and his experiences, showcasing the struggles that the average 11 year old goes through. From his life at school, his bad haircuts, learning to dance, and more, Doug was a great show to watch and I just wish I had appreciated it more early on.

*All That
(10 Seasons, 168 Episodes)

-In what was essentially the Saturday Night Live of the network, All That was one of the most entertaining programs and ended up making more stars than expected. With cast members like Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, and Amanda Bynes, All That kept the laughs coming for the kids and the teenage crowd. Whether we watched the infamous "Ask Ashley", "Everyday French With Pierre Escargot", or the legendary "Good Burger", All That definitely supplied the audience with memorable characters and sketched during the show's duration, earning this spot on the list without question.

*The Ren & Stimpy Show
(5 Seasons, 52 Episodes)

-While this wasn't my favorite show on the network, I would be out of my mind to not reference this program. This show tested the limits of comedy for children, and honestly, it was geared more for the teenage crowd with the jokes and how it was paced. Still, the show had a certain feel to it that drew in audiences and the hilarity that ensued with the two main characters Ren and Stimpy was always exciting for an episode. While Ren and Stimpy doesn't seem to get the credit it deserves, it's one of the first animated programs on the network and is important to the growth of Nickelodeon, thus making it vital to this list.
*Avatar: The Last Airbender
(3 Seasons, 61 Episodes)

-A show that was cutting edge for the time, this was unlike anything I had ever seen on Nickelodeon. This isn't rooted in a majority of childish or teenage humor, despite some humor on the show, but what made this such an engaging program was the storytelling, the animated visuals, enjoyable characters, and everything in between. Honestly, the legacy the show built led to a movie being made, but the fact of the matter is, that movie is absolutely terrible. Sure, it captures the visuals, but in order to really know the greatness of Avatar: The Last Airbender, you need to witness this show. It's that simple.

*Are You Afraid Of The Dark
(7 Seasons, 91 Episodes)

-Do you remember the Midnight Society? If not, your memory might be jogged by the history of this show. It was a rare show that attempted to provide a bit of a spooky edge to the channel, and they succeeded in a major way. The show centered around the Midnight Society telling their scary stories in a secret location in the woods. The viewer got to witness the stories as the story was told, and was your typical horror centered show but with a spooky kid's edge. It was a fun show to watch, and while it was a bit scary for us in the younger days, watching these old episodes back just provide fun nostalgia, like every Nickelodeon show.



  1. All these shows are still amazing. I even make my kids watch these shows and they love it. I have even lined up some good shows by Andy Yeatman for them as vacations are around the corner and want them to learn something during these vacations.


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