DAR TV: 8 Underrated Cartoons/Animated Shows

By @TrueGodImmortal

In the land of animation, there are cartoons that captivate audiences worldwide. There are also cartoons that gain notoriety and attention, but they don't seem to get the credit that they deserve. Today, those are the cartoons that I want to highlight and shine light on. 8 cartoons that were either hilarious or just very entertaining for the viewing audience. What makes my list? Some might surprise you, some might not. Let's take a look.

*Pinky And The Brain
(4 Seasons, 65 Episodes)

-Of all the shows on this list, this is my personal favorite. It was something special about this show about two genetically enhanced mice with two different  personalities. Pinky is more timid and laid back, showing good natured vibes yet he was a bit slower than the normal. The Brain however? He was more cerebral, self-centered, and wanted to take over the world with his sinister plans, but they usually would end up pretty unsuccessful. It's actually fun seeing how the show plays out with the nonsense that Brain attempts to make happen. Pinky And The Brain is a classic show and deserves all the credit in the world for being inventive in its own right and extremely entertaining.

(4 Seasons, 70 Episodes) 

-One of the original adult animated programs with an intriguing premise, Duckman took Jason Alexander and made him into this self hating perceived to be widowed character that provided a ton of entertainment. Working as a private detective trying to take care of his family, Duckman provided a lot of laughs but a bit of a melancholy feel came with it as well. The biggest moment came when we found that Duckman's wife wasn't actually dead, but we never got a follow up to that plot point. Still, Duckman was a big favorite and is widely regarded as one of the better animated shows, which is why it makes this list.

(3 Seasons, 78 Episodes)

-I remember the first time I saw this show, I was a bit surprised. I didn't expect to see a show with such a darker tone to it, with melodrama and interesting story and character arcs, but this show had it. With the titular characters living in a castle during the earliest years of Scotland as the beginning premise, a number of them are betrayed by humans and eventually laid to rest or frozen in stone form. Many years later, the gargoyles are awakened and have to adjust into an entire new world. They run into threats, enemies, and the show has some action, which made it even more entertaining in general. My favorite characters on the show have to be Goliath of course, Hudson, and Brooklyn, who is actually pretty funny on this show. Gargoyles is a cult classic and loved by many, But it just doesn't get the true credit it deserves. 

*Tiny Toon Adventures
(3 Seasons, 100 Episodes)

-This is the OG underrated show. I caught this show much later than when it originally aired, but I absolutely loved this show. I mean what's not to love right? The Tiny Toons were immensely entertaining and were set to be the next generation of Looney Tunes. The Tiny Toons attend Acme Looniversity and the faculty at the school consists of the original Looney Tones like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, and more, which gave the show a nostalgic feel that made it endearing not only for kids, but for teens and select adults who loved the original Looney Tones. The newer characters like Buster and Babs Bunny, Hamton J. Pig, and Dizzy Devil are all extensions of the original characters and it all blends together very well. I wish this show got more appreciation because it 100% deserves it.

*The Tick
(3 Seasons, 36 Episodes)

-If there was one thing that FOX tends to do better than most, it might be animated shows. Now, this show wasn't on the adult level of a Family Guy or The Simpsons, but this show on the FOX Kids network block became a cult classic. Derived from the satirical comic, the show kept the essence of that minus the adult themed jokes that permeated the comics. Still, the humor was in tact, and this show became a Saturday morning staple for many kids. The show would spawn a live action program later on, but that show didn't quite connect like this animated program. This show took on a life of its own and has a legacy behind it that many appreciate.

(2 Seasons, 24 Episodes)

-WB Kids was vital to my childhood in many ways and this show was one of those reasons. Though short lived, it was still a popular show amongst the demographic that it appealed to. The premise of this show was a bit different than some of the other shows on WB Kids and with Steven Spielberg behind this, it had a chance to be great. It was. The show has become a cult classic based on the output of support and appreciation for it years after the original run. The show focuses on Dexter Douglas, a high schooler that gains powers and tries to use them to uphold the good in the world. At least that's the idea. He experienced a number of hilarious ups and downs and I always loved how the show kept the element of comedy at the forefront. Sure, Freakazoid was a show about a "hero", but it was mostly just a fun watch in general with lots of laughs for kids, plus the "freak in/freak out" aspect of his transformation was always exciting. Freakazoid wasn't one of the greatest animated shows, but it certainly deserves a lot more appreciation.

*Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law
(4 Seasons, 39 Episodes) 

-More adult animation than anything, this animated series was absolutely hilarious and perfect for the time. A spinoff from another underrated gem that just missed this list, Space Ghost Coast To Coast, this show took us back to the Hanna Barbara era, when the actual Birdman and the Galaxy Trio existed. This show was essentially a parody and one that provided more laughs with the premise. Harvey Birdman is no longer a superhero, he's a Criminal Defense attorney mostly, and he represents a lot of characters from the older show. In a nice twist, a lot of his older enemies from the original show make their way into the show as opposing attorneys. It makes light of the reality for superheroes as years go by and life changes. The show is smart, hilarious, and all around an entertaining watch. The comedy and writing on here is top notch and a huge reason why the show makes on this list.

(6 Seasons, 127 Episodes)

-This show might not have been seen as underrated, but for my childhood and formative years, this show was important. It was based around the life of six fourth graders, and at the time of the show's debut, I was gearing young and in elementary school, so I related in a way. With the main characters T.J., Gretchen, Gus, Ashley, Mikey, and Vince all showcasing their personalities at the outset of the show. The show centered around the freedom that comes with the period of time that the kids can roam free. The show helped to promote being an individual for kids through the most simple of themes, and overall, it just hit the mark. Recess isn't the greatest animated show, but it's one of my personal favorites and one I don't hear mentioned enough, just like the others on this list. These are very important shows in cartoon history.



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