DAR Games: 5 Games To Look For In 2018

By @Peagle05

2018 is here and with it comes a brand new year of anxiously waiting for games that we know we have absolutely no time for. Because if you’re like me, your backlog looks like the last year’s Golden State Warriors, lots of star power and some decent pieces off the bench. So with that, I give you the 5 games I’m anticipating the most this year.

*Red Dead Redemption 2

I’m gonna come right out the gate with the game I’m looking forward to the most. RDR2 is a prequel to the original classic from the previous console generation. Now if you know anything about the first game, you know that John Marston met one of the saddest (yet greatest) endings in video games. And I’m betting at some point, we’d get a mention of or even a cameo from him to tie the two games together. The first trailer already looks as amazing as one would expect, particularly graphically. The story sees new character Arthur Morgan navigating his way through the pitfalls of the Old West. Not much else is known about the game because as usual, Rockstar remains tight lipped about their work. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the “sequel is actually a prequel” thing, but if anyone can do it and do it in a way that’s compelling, it’s Rockstar. Red Dead Redemption 2 is tentatively scheduled for a release in Spring 2018.

*Far Cry 5

Ubisoft can be hit or miss but the last few entries in the Far Cry series have been hits without a doubt and 5 doesn’t look to disappoint in that regard. The first Far Cry game to be set in America, this game features a murderous religious cult and is sure to be a controversial game when it releases. Expect the same fun open world and open ended gameplay we’ve seen over the last three games as well as some new wrinkles that take advantage of the series' newest setting and atmosphere. Far Cry 5 is scheduled for release March 27, 2018.

*Dragonball FighterZ

-So for a while now, We’ve been waiting for a TRUE fighting game in the Dragon Ball universe. Not counting a few of the excellent Japanese Super Nintendo entries (check those out if you can) but Dragonball FighterZ seems to be that game. With an art style that mimics the show exactly and a gameplay style that calls to memory the classic Marvel Vs Capcom games as well as a slight Guilty Gear influence, this is a fight game you’re really going to have to put some time into in order to truly learn it. Honestly, this might be the game to get me back into fighting games. It’s time for that return. Dragonball FighterZ releases in just a few weeks on January 26th, 2018.

*Days Gone

This to me is one of the more intriguing games coming this year for multiple reasons, chief among them the fact that this will be the first new IP from SIE Bend Studio. If you don’t recognize the name, they’re the studio that created the criminally underrated Syphon Filter franchise. Another reason? This is a fairly new take on the survival horror game featuring zombies. These things come at you at a crazy pace. Think World War Z. The gameplay seems to have a good balance of attack and retreat that makes you think on the fly and react to your surroundings more than just pointing and clicking with a gun. I’m looking forward to not only how well the gameplay holds up but how the story plays into it as well. Days Gone doesn’t have a concrete release date but is still scheduled for 2018.


Insomniac Games, a studio known more for platformers with guns is taking on the Spider-Man world and everything I’ve seen so far looks insanely promising. Best of all is the fact that the story is 100% original. Everything is built from the ground up and even features a different Spidey-suit than we’re used to as well as an older Peter Parker and the potential for Miles Morales as a playable character (I hope). The web sling and movement look as crisp and as fluid as you’d expect from a Spider-Man game and the world looks amazing. How it all plays out in full is of course yet to be seen but Insomniac has earned my trust completely. Spider-Man releases exclusively on the PS4 in 2018.

So those are just 5 of the games I’m looking forward to the most. Let us know what you’re looking forward to and get ready for more. Next week, I double back to the NBA Live series because after playing Live 18...we are going to start a dialogue.



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