DAR TV: Ranking The 6 Greatest Living Single Characters

By @TrueGodImmortal

As usual, we here at DAR like to discuss black sitcoms, as they are a huge part of the culture and integral to our younger years. One show that was definitely important to the black sitcom lineage is Living Single. Based in New York and an inspiration for other shows in TV history (Hi Friends), the show revolved around four women and two male friends who would at some point become more for two of the ladies. One thing about Living Single that made the show so much fun was the characters. The characters that shaped the episodes, the moments, and made the show worth watching. The question today is, where would you rank those characters? Who was the better character? Who is the greatest character in the history of the show? Well that's what this list is set to determine. Let's take a look at the 6 greatest Living Single characters.

6. Kyle Barker
(Portrayed By T.C. Carson)

-I could flip a coin between the 5th and 6th choices and really either one fits in either spot. Kyle Barker is my least favorite of the characters, but he had plenty of moments where he delighted the audience or brought the laughs. The issue however is that his moments weren't as relevant to the show as some of the other characters. While his relationship with Max was similar to the hilarity of say a Pam and Martin type situation, it did lack a bit of intensity despite having chemistry. Regardless, the jazz singing and successful worker would be infamous for his friendship with Overton, as their personalized handshake/dap was a highlight of the show as well. I think the only thing that takes Kyle down as a character is his lack of truly good stories for him during the duration of the show.

5. Regine Hunter
(Portrayed By Kim Fields)

-I was never the biggest fan of Regine. She was seen as the bougie one of the group, clad in her favorite wig with the finest of designer threads and exhibiting expensive taste even though she couldn't really afford it. Her role was fun at times, but it was also annoying more often than not, and that's why she doesn't crack the top 3 of the list. In terms of her dating life on the show, Regine had no substantial love interest, and that didnt give her much of a continuing story throughout. Regardless, Regine was responsible for a lot of funny moments overall, she just wasn't on the same level IMO as some of the other characters.

4. Maxine Shaw
(Portrayed By Erika Alexander)

-I wanted to put Maxine higher, but I would be lying if I said she was my favorite or the best. Maxine Shaw was over exaggerated for the most part, and that was a positive yet also a negative for her character, but in terms of comedic relief, Maxine did provide some of the best laugh out loud moments. She was essentially the comddian of the group on the show, as she could make a joke out of just about anything. Her relationship with Kyle was a highlight of the show and her profession in a way made her the most successful (attorney) of the friends somewhat. She played by her own rules and she was always there to give comic relief in the most brash ways.

3. Synclaire James
(Portrayed By Kim Coles)

-She was bubbly, a bit... slow so to speak, and seen as the weird one of the foursome. However, of all the characters on the show, perhaps besides Overton, Synclaire was the most natural. It didn't feel as if Kim Coles was playing a character, it really felt like this was her just on the show. She was silly at times, showing flashes of brilliance in certain moments, while maintaining a great relationship with Overton. Truthfully, Synclaire was the breath of fresh air that the show needed and I think that her personality was the bright spot of a lot of episodes. While some didn't like Synclaire because of how eccentric her character was, I think that's what made her so unique for the show and an important character. Synclaire is definitely top three.

2. Overton Wakefield Jones
(Portrayed By John Henton)

-Some may disagree with this choice, at least this high, but the truth is.... Overton is my personal favorite character on the show. Truthfully, his character wasn't given the amount of focus that the four ladies were, but the truth is.... I think Overton gave the show some of the best comedy it had. He was the handyman in their apartment building, but he was also a good friend to all the women and of course, he was close to his roommate and friend Kyle Barker. His comedy was a bit silly and dim witted, which fit his character, but the relationship between Overton and Synclaire was the true focus for his character and they had the best relationship on the entire show. For me, if it wasn't for the fact that Khadijah was so vital and important to the show, I would consider placing Overton as the best character. In terms of laughter, I don't think there is a funnier character on this show (besides Max from time to time).

1. Khadijah James
(Portrayed By Queen Latifah)

-I don't think there is any other choice for this pick. The role of Khadijah was the focus of the entire show and it worked perfectly. She was the life of this entire show and I don't think there was a way the sitcom could function without her. As the editor in chief at the popular Flavor Magazine, we watched weekly as she tried to get interviews and exclusives, while maintaining her friendships and her up and down relationships. The biggest relationship for Khadijah would be her longtime on and off again relationship with Scooter, which made for more than enough drama for her character. All in all, of the four friends who stuck together, Khadijah was like the mother or the bigger sister, and her role kept the show going for sure. Without Queen Latifah and Khadijah, Living Single would not have been the same.



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