DAR Films: The Importance Of Avengers Infinity War

By @TrueGodImmortal

10 years. 10 years. The Avengers saga is coming to an unfortunate end (this chapter of it at least), and if the news is any indication, it will end in the most bloody way. Thanos will arrive and it is the story that we've been waiting for. I'll keep this at surface level without looking at the actual comic story and how things SHOULD go, because not everyone reads the comic books. For moviegoers who want to keep it as simplified as possible, the chapters leading up to Infinity War represent something special. Every single movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe leads to this road. Yes, Avengers 4 will have an even bigger role in the future of the MCU, but the stories told in the last 10 years over a number of films all come to a head with the release of Infinity War. So, what makes Infinity War so important? There are many factors for why Infinity War is so important, and today, I wanted to look at some of the central reasons why this movie is going to be the biggest film of the year and the MCU by far. With the movie finally arriving after breaking presale records (this writer secured his opening day ticket), it should end up being the biggest movie of the year without question. Here is why.

*The Arrival Of Thanos
-I am not so sure that a film universe has been built so well to lead up to an arrival of a villain. Marvel villains never win. Every single movie we've seen, they never win. Not in the First Avenger, not in Iron Man 2, not in Age Of Ultron, not in Civil War (though technically, I guess you can say he did), not in any of the films. Some would say that Marvel was missing that one villain that truly drove home just how dire a catastrophic scenario and situation could be. Leave it to Thanos to arrive and change everything. Thanos will be the most powerful villain in the MCU and cause massive destruction. Without describing his role in the comics too much in detail, Thanos is driven by disaster and destroying the world as we know it. For new moviegoers, just based on what you see on the trailer, he seems like a powerful, evil, and hard to stop villain, and that is likely the best way to describe it. As more details arrive on this movie, it is clear he doesn't arrive alone of course. Thanos will summon the Black Order to do his bidding and they will play a pivotal role in this film for sure. Watch out for Doctor Strange at a point in this film too (I won't spoil anything), and how he could possibly play a role. All in all, Thanos is the villain we needed. He is the villain we didn't know we wanted. For comic book readers, his arrival is the biggest event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he will put Red Skull, Ultron, and even Loki's turn to shame. Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives.

*Every Character Is Here
-If you have watched the Captain America films, the Iron Man films, Spiderman, Black Panther, Thor, and Guardians of the Galaxy films, you know all of these characters well. Every character that you want to see is here. Together. While we can't see exactly how many of them are together, you can see that based on everything else we've noticed in the trailers that everyone is there. Iron Man, Bucky, Steve Rogers, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Hawkeye (or Ronin as he will be known...... comic book readers will know why this is important), Loki, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and more will all be a part of this movie. Never before has a movie had all of the heroes together in one film and a majority of them will fight together. The fact that this is the biggest movie possibly ever is what really drives home the fact that the cast is so stacked. This is a superhero movie with a super team roster, and if that hasn't raised your excitement level just yet, wait until Thursday when the film releases.

*The End & Beginning For Captain America? -The biggest question is will Captain America die? Yes. He will. Now, he might not die at the hands of Thanos or any villain, but Captain America himself will die for this movie at least. Steve Rogers will instead go from being Captain America to The Nomad, as it was confirmed already by the directors. So, will Steve Rogers die in this movie? All signs point to yes, but they pointed to yes for Civil War as well, and well, we saw how that went. So, will Steve Rogers die? No one knows just yet, but he is nearing the end of his contract. For me, as a fan of Steve Rogers, I can only hope that he actually survives this movie before retiring entirely, but who knows? The Avengers have always depended on Captain America, but in this movie, he won't be there. Or will he? Is it possible that near the climax of the film we see Falcon or Bucky step into the role? Possibly, or maybe that's a role left for Avengers 4. Regardless, transitioning a character from one thing to the next is always tough, and it remains to see the future of Captain America as we know it, but Chris Evans will be Nomad in this movie, and not your friendly Captain America from the films past. It remains to be seen how we get there, but when we do, I'm sure it'll all make sense.

*The Final Infinity Stone
-While many have speculated how we arrive to this destination, it is clear that the final Infinity Stone is in Wakanda. At least that is the perception. With the final stone likely being in Wakanda, that would mean the country that has been hidden for so long will now be the biggest target. Though there are many instances where I believe the movie will take place in other areas and the trailers confirm that of course, there is a big fight with a majority of the Avengers battling the Black Order and Thanos, and it seems like it will take place in Wakanda. Now, I have theories on a few things about this, but I'll reserve those theories. The final Infinity Stone will be in Wakanda. That much seems obvious. Everything else will fall into place.

*Major Deaths
-The real reason why this is important. Stories are ending. Stories are beginning. Contracts are ending. Characters will die. The question is, who? There is so much speculation over the character deaths in the movie that everything else within in the film seems secondary almost. So, the discussion is simple: who dies? Here are my two solid choices that almost have to die, without much of a reason needed. Those choices are Loki and Vision. Here is why. Based on how Ragnarok ends and the trailers for Infinity War, we see that Loki seems to have a central role, one that has to be at the beginning of the film. What better way to start the film and the journey of Thanos than for him to get what he needs out of Loki....... then kill him. Thor ends up on the Guardians Of The Galaxy ship presumably early on in the movie as well, and if everything seems to go like it should, then, Loki seems very likely to go early on. The directors have said a major death happens in Infinity War early on, and Loki seems to be the most likely. Start racking up bodies quickly, and they will fall.... hard. Another obvious name that I said was Vision and that is because he holds the mind stone, and we literally see Thanos getting the mind stone in the trailer. Loki and Vision will both see ends, but there is a possibility of some others. The most common name thrown out is Captain America/Steve Rogers, and that's a huge possibility, but there is something that leads me to believe he might survive this one.

If Steve Rogers survives Infinity War, it will be a curve ball for many fans, but the one death that I see coming that many might not want to see (but I do) is Ironman/Tony Stark. The first official movie of the MCU was Ironman, and it has been 10 years since then, almost exactly to the day now. With the trailers positioned the way they are, it seems as if the final fight takes place in Wakanda. War Machine is there. Hulk is there. Cap is there. Falcon. Black Panther. Bucky. Black Widow. Literally, every Avenger. Except Tony Stark. Now, in the same frame, you could see Doctor Strange missing as well as Spiderman I believe, but one has to assume these two survive, Spiderman especially. However, much of my belief that he dies stems from the fact that he isn't featured at all in Wakanda and that Robert Downey Jr. alluded to not being able to know how it would be not seeing Chris Evans as Captain America anymore. Some took this to mean that Steve Rogers is dying, and that is possible and likely. However, what if that statement was put out of context on purpose to throw fans off. What if Tony Stark is one who dies at the hands of Thanos. Or, what if both Ironman and Steve Rogers die in this film? Could War Machine go? What about Hulk? Gamora? Drax? There are so many possible deaths on tap that I honestly can't predict who will die for sure, but I'm certain of Loki and Vision.

*Shattering Box Office Records
-I could list another 20 reasons why Infinity War was important, but that would take too much time honestly. The main reason why this movie will be remembered in infamy is simple: it will break box office records. The first weekend could produce numbers beyond the likes of which we have seen previously. If that is the case, then simply put, Infinity War will become the biggest opening weekend ever. It is expected to top 250 million the opening weekend and if all goes according to plan, it could exceed that massive number and finish with 300 million plus in a three day weekend. With minimal competition in the weeks following and the usual Marvel repeat viewings for a movie like this, one should expect this film to possibly reach Star Wars level of success and possibly cross the 800 million dollar mark domestically, which is so uncommon that it would place it among the top 2 domestic grossing movies of all time. Time will tell if it becomes the biggest movie ever in terms of domestic gross, but it is very possible. Combining every single hero together with the biggest movie narrative in comic book history has to pay dividends and when Infinity War is all said and done, they will remember this movie as one of the greatest works in cinema history. Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives.



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