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By @TrueGodImmortal

Often times in the video game world, we see games that are inspired by movies, whether directly or a game that takes elements from the films and utilizes it. Most of the time, those games are subpar and mediocre, showcasing that some things are harder to translate in gaming form than in cinematic form. With that in mind, I wanted to take a look at games that are inspired or based on films. This isn't a ranking of the best or worst, but rather a look at 9 choices that are either worth your time or aren't worth a play. What makes the list? Let's take a look.

(1997, Nintendo 64)

-The standard by which these video games based on films are measured, Goldeneye managed to become one of the greatest games of all time and a huge influence on how shooters were handled. The split screen feature was amazing, the gameplay was top notch, and the mechanics were some of the best in gaming. Based on the popular 1995 film, the game is rooted in a player campaign where James Bond fights to prevent a crime syndicate from using a satellite weapon. The story pace is great and the execution of the scenarios placed in the game is flawless. This is one of the most important games in history and it has to be the greatest of First Person Shooters and a revolutionary landmark in the world of video games. This is the best game on this list without question. 

(2002, Playstation 2)

-This game was extremely based around the 2002 film that released and legit follows the exact pacing and scenes that the movie has for the most part. It does include some scenes and villains that are NOT included in the film version, but the central theme and villain in the game is of course Green Goblin. This was actually a lot of fun to play and if you saw the movie before you played the game, watching the recognizable scenes play out and how they paralleled definitely enhanced the experience. The final battle between Spidey and Green Goblin is so much fun to reenact in game form, and it is my favorite part of this. All in all, Spiderman is one of the better games based on a film.

*Fight Club
(2004, Xbox & Playstation 2)

-If you loved the movie.... I'm not so sure you loved this game. Honestly. I'm not saying that this game was terrible, because it wasn't necessarily, but... okay, this was terrible. Most video games based on films are terrible or at least leave a lot to be desired, and this game was no different. The mechanics are slightly similar to a Street Fighter based fighting system, with new elements added, and a bone crushing, blood splattering Hardcore mode that was a slight highlight. The game follows most of the film's narrative, but it just falters a bit in a number of ways, as most would expect.

*The Godfather
(2006, Playstation 2/3 & Xbox/Xbox 360)

-I was not the biggest fan of the game, but I cannot deny that it is one of the better games based on a film. It is an open world adventure created by juggernaut Electronic Arts, and it is of course based on the classic 1972 mob film. The game follows the story of an original character named Aldo who works to rise up in the Corleone family by any means. His ascension managed to line up with some of the events that occur in the movie, even some off-screen occurrences that we knew about in the film, but didn't actually see. This was a pretty successful game, and it had a lot of fun elements to it, but for me, it was hit or miss overall, with enough in the game to make it playable, but not enough to make it a classic.

*Scarface: The World Is Yours
(2006, Playstation 2 & Xbox)

-When this game was announced, I was mildly excited. Unlike a majority of people, I was never the biggest fan of Scarface, and while I recognize the story and how solid it was, I expected it to be an even better play in video game form. The story, the drugs, the violence, it all should have translated over well in essence to the video game world. However, this game is too middle of the road, despite being a commercial success. It wasn't actually based on the original film exactly, but it continued the narrative set in place by the film, as Tony Montana survived the assassination attempt on his life and is out for the revenge. The open world was key to making the game enjoyable and the mechanics are decent, but playing the game automatically gives you the vibes of a Grand Theft Auto, which is good and bad. Scarface has some character and some fun to it, and is probably in the category of the better games based of films, but still leaves a lot to be desired.

(2009, Playstation 3 & Xbox 360)

-So, five years after the original film released, this survival horror film gets the video game treatment. What could go wrong? Everything. The game is set in between the first and second film of the series and while the story has a nice spin to it, something about this game is off. Jigsaw has healed Detective Tapp and is placing him in an abandoned insane asylum to teach him a lesson. This already sounds bad. Luckily, while the gameplay was mediocre and some of the mechanics suffered, the progression of the story and the chance of multiple endings actually worked well. It seemed as if Konami had the right idea with the pacing and finish of the story, but executing everything else was the problem.

*The Warriors
(2005, Playstation 2)

-Perhaps my favorite of them all, this game is one of the greatest games released on Playstation 2, and one of my favorites of the era. Based on the 1979 cult classic film, this action adventure game takes you on a ride from beginning to end with some of the best fighting mechanics in quite some time. Rockstar is of course behind the game and they do not disappoint one bit. Brawling is the key to the game, as there are weapons, but hand to hand combat is essential, along with graffiti spray painting being a central theme throughout. The way the game progresses is great and the character development is excellent. This game is a classic and might be the best or second game based on a film.

*Reservoir Dogs
(2006, Playstation 2 & Xbox)

-There are many movies that were made into video games, but this one is the most peculiar. With a number of classic films getting turned into games during this era, the one that left me scratching my head is this one. Scarface and The Godfather were enough, but taking this Quentin Tarantino directed film and making it into a game felt unnecessary. The game stays true to the source material, managing to showcase every character and central plot of the film, but with slightly more detail. While that would sound promising, the gameplay itself falters and due to the fact that this game was consider controversial (it was banned in Australia and Germany), it never got the sales or the acclaim that it could have achieved. Reviews on the game aren't pretty either.

*Captain America: Super Soldier
(2011, Playstation 3 & Xbox 360)

-I chose this game for a few reasons. I never knew it existed until a few years ago. While I was a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was NOT into any of the games that came out based on the films, including the Iron Man and Hulk games.However, by the time I got around to playing this, Winter Soldier was already out. This game is based around the events of the First Avenger, and we see Cap battling with Red Skull and HYDRA throughout the game. The mechanics and the gameplay are fluid, but the game lacks that cinematic feel that most of the best games based on films possess. To me, this game is middle of the road, like most games based on movies, and while I did enjoy playing it, it is not a game that I would recommend revisiting, like most of the games on this list. 



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