DAR Films: Avengers: Infinity War Review

By @KingVaughnJr720 and @TrueGodImmortal

There are some events that exceed your expectations. There are some events that go beyond what you expected. Avengers: Infinity War is just that. After multiple viewings, box office records being broken, and more to come, this is an event unlike any other. How many movies have had a universe build up to it,
10 years in the making? From the beginning with Ironman, we have been on an adventure that has all led us to this point. This movie was a Hall Of Fame roster of Marvel superheroes teaming up together to take on the Ultimate Worldbeating villain himself, Thanos. Through the good, bad, ugly and in between, this journey would all be set up to culminate at this very point. This was the MCU Dream Team of Greats teaming up for an epic war of massive proportions. For years, Marvel's biggest flaw has been in their villain department. The heroes were well written, but their achilles heel (writing wise) was always the rival (there are some exceptions). Fans complained for years about how the villains were not well developed and how they are easily defeated. With the exception of Loki, the average MCU villain was one and done. 

However, Marvel has slowly but surely turned things around as of late. From Vulture (Spider-Man Homecoming) to Hela (Thor: Ragnarok) to Killmonger (Black Panther), the MCU has slowly been turning the tide to make improvements to balance things out between the heroes and villains. In order to be a truly great hero, you need a great Dance Partner to bounce off of. This time, Marvel made the biggest improvement because Thanos is the culmination of everything they have been building up to. Even when everyone was talking about the greatness of Erik Killmonger, I kept saying "You haven't seen anything yet", referring to Thanos. As good as Killmonger was, Thanos makes him look like a boyscout. With the hype building further for this movie, I knew that it would go beyond expectations and I was not disappointed. With the previews, I already knew this would be a wild ride, and it truly was. Marvel kept a slow build up in the beginning as Black Panther was gaining momentum. Once Black Panther became a surprise smash hit at the Box Office, Marvel revved up the engine for the Infinity War marketing machine. From that point on, it was off to the races. With all of the speculation and predictions about the movie, I knew my prediction about the beginning would become a reality. What was my prediction? Well....

*The Opening Act 
-This movie did not waste time establishing how much of a monster villain Thanos is because things got brutal very quickly. Infinity War starts off where Thor: Ragnarok ended where we saw Thor and Loki staring at a giant spaceship which turned out to be Thanos' ship (post credit scene). From that point, the movie starts off with the Asgardian Refugee ship destroyed with the bodies of dead Asgardians laying on the floor. Thanos watches over the dead bodies with his minions the Black Order. Meanwhile, they surround Loki as he watches Thanos grab Thor by the head to torture him. As Thanos burns Thor's head with the Power Stone, Loki tells him to stop as he reveals the Tesseract (Space Stone). Loki gives Thanos the Space Stone to spare Thor's life. Before the space stone was firmly in place for Thanos, Loki tells Thanos that there is a Hulk on the ship, assuming Hulk could overpower any villain. He used the same line that Tony Stark used on him to send Hulk to attack him in the first Avengers movie, which was a nice play. The Incredible Hulk rushes in to attack Thanos and gives him a sick combo. However, Thanos counters Hulk to get out of the corner, much to the surprise of Hulk. From that point, Thanos proceeded to annihilate The Hulk from a series of combos to a Gorilla Press Slam. Heimdall sends Hulk to Earth, only for Thanos to respond in a way that you saw coming. As Loki gives Thanos the Tesseract he has what can only be described as a moment of nobility. We will not spoil anything directly, but if you haven't seen the movie, you should exit out of this review instantly. What follows is something that can only be described as an actual sacrifice of sorts, but it leaves Thor reeling and grieving more than we've ever seen. Thanos leaves with the Black Order after conquering the stone he was searching for. This was the perfect introduction for Thanos, as he caused so much havoc. Meanwhile, Thor floats into Space after the chaos.

*New York, New York
-From that point, we see the team-up of Ironman, Dr. Strange and Bruce Banner in New York outside of the Sanctum Santorum. There is a tender moment between Pepper Potts and Tony Stark that is interrupted by Strange and Banner in a slightly hilarious manner. Stark mentions a dream about having a child with Potts, something that could come into play sooner than later. Banner tells Stark and Strange about Thanos and his mission to gather all of the Infinity Stones. Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian arrive in New York for a big battle, which gets the action started in a major way. 

As the battle rages on, Peter Parker sees the ship that Maw and Obsidian arrived on from his bus as he escapes to become Spider-Man. You might remember this scene from the trailer and it is a cool visual to watch. The battle would end up with Strange, Ironman, and Spiderman all ending up on the ship Maw arrived on, while Obsidian would suffer a different yet more interesting fate at the time. Without spoiling anything, Bruce Banner is pretty funny in this scene for mostly the wrong reasons, but regardless, he plays a pivotal role. Still, aside from this, Wong disappears once the battle finishes to stay and protect the Sanctum. Most people who have seen the movie seem to ignore this fact, thinking he just left for no reason, but we wrap up this New York chapter with Banner finding an important cell phone and making a very important phone call. That phone call would center around finding Vision, who has seemingly gone offline and is not able to be tracked. Will Vision be found? Surely, with the Mind Stone being a part of his genetic makeup, his presence is necessary.

*Meet The Guardians
-The movie goes to the Guardians of the Galaxy storyline as they are flying the Milano Spaceship. As they are flying, they see a mysterious body floating from Space as it lands on their windshield. When the Guardians bring the body inside, they find out it is Thor. I actually enjoyed this interaction as well, because it seems like a great matchup. When Thor wakes up, Starlord stares him down as he mocks his accent. When you team up Thor with the Guardians, you have to expect some jokes at some point. Thor tells his story as he tells them about Thanos and his quest to gather the Infinity Stones. One thing that I found to be funny in this situation is that Drax seems to be a huge fan of Thor in terms of his stature. For someone like Drax, it is pretty funny and the interaction between Thor and Starlord is a highlight for sure.
She tells Quill to promise to kill her over the Soul Stone. From that point, you knew that her time was ticking. Fast forward to when they see Thanos as he collects the Reality Stone. The Guardians think that they have beaten Thanos, but he uses the Reality Stone to trick them as he takes Gamora and they head back to his base.

*I'm Sorry, Little One
This will feature a full blown spoiler for the movie. In his quest to gain the Soul Stone, his 4th and most prized possession in a way, Thanos would face considerable loss and experience what resembles pain during a pivotal scene in the movie. This scene happens a little later of course in the movie, but it is relevant here. We learn soon that in order to retrieve the Soul Stone, you have to sacrifice something or someone that you love, and as Thanos allows tears to flow down his face, reality sets in quickly. We are also met with an unexpected surprise with the appearance of the Red Skull on the mountain of Vormir, as he leads Thanos to the Soul Stone. Once the truth is known, Thanos is berated by Gamora and called a failure, because he will not be able to obtain the soul stone unless he gives up something he loves. Gamora is rudely awakened that the tears he cried are not for Thanos being a failure, but for the sacrifice of Gamora. Tragically, Thanos kills Gamora by throwing her off the cliff for the sake of the Soul Stone. This shows how ruthless Thanos can be to get what he wants the most. For many, this is a heartbreaking scene, for good reason. It really drives home the feeling of loss Thanos CAN feel, and also allows you to see the relentless nature he possesses to succeeding. Everything comes with a price, even destroying half the world.

*Vision And Wanda, The Arrival Of Cap -Before we get to the Gamora issue, we see Vision and Scarlet Witch together in Scotland where they have taken residence following Civil War. Vision has taken on a human form to disguise himself so that they can separate themselves from their lifestyles as Avengers. However, their time together is interrupted by an attack from the Black Order as they try to take the Mind Stone from Vision's head. Vision is stabbed badly and Wanda has to step up and handle things, but it is far too dire of a situation for them to succeed in. As Wanda and Vision prepare for what feels like impending doom, a train rides by and we see the villains pause as a shadow lurks in the darkness. Captain America/Nomad/Steve Rogers comes in for the rescue. Proxima Midnight throws her spear at Cap, only for him to catch it. Falcon and Black Widow join in for the save as well. Vision is saved in this instance and lives are preserved, with Cap ending this initial scene by saying that they are heading home, likely back to the Avengers base. From that point, they meet War Machine to discuss how to save Vision. They are also met by Bruce Banner, which leads to an awkward moment between he and Black Widow. The challenge to finding help for Vision leads them to a need for a much bigger solution. Rogers says that he knows someone who can help.

*Wakanda, Part 1
This is where the Black Panther music plays as we transition to Wakanda. Okoye and T'Challa have an interesting moment and a comedic one as the Avengers crew begin to fly their jet into Wakanda. Rogers, Banner, Rhodey, and company meet with King T'Challa and his Army of Dora Milaje led by General Okoye. There isn't much to this scene initially, but there is a funny moment when Banner attempts to bow to T'Challa. Meanwhile, once everyone is inside and together, Shuri scans Vision's database and his mind to heal him. Prior to the arrival of the crew, Black Panther told his team to give "White Wolf" aka Bucky Barnes a new arm, which seems as if it COULD be made of vibranium. One of the best moments here is when Steve reunites with Bucky briefly. As the fight to save Vision begins, a battle is looming, as enemies are approaching very quickly. However, as the Guardians and Ironman's crew cross paths, it leads to one of the final acts.

*The Battle On Titan
-The Guardians and The Avengers meet on Titan, mostly at the request of Nebula, who will likely play a big role going forward in the next movie. The group decides to make Thanos come to them, a plan that could have worked well..... maybe.  When Thanos arrives at Titan, he is met by the Guardians, Ironman, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange where they have another great battle that has a lot of great action. The Guardians and the Avengers seem to be working their plan well, however, the course of their mission is drastically changed when Thanos is held down by Ironman and the others as he shares the tragic news of Gamora's death. 
This presents a huge challenge for the group and dismantles the plan that seemed to be working to perfection. From there, consequences arrive and there is an ending to this battle that left the crowd shocked and gasping and also somewhat confused. 

One noteworthy thing that occurs here is Dr. Strange had a moment earlier as he tells everyone that out of 14,000,605 outcomes, they only win one of them. The ramification of this will be felt sooner than later, but to sum it up, this is not a movie where the heroes are intended to win. Is that a spoiler? Perhaps. Still, this should be known. Infinity War is Part 1 of a two part epic and there could have been no way other way to really drive this home than a sad and hopeless ending. If the Avengers succeeded, what would be the point? If they defeated Thanos here, his villain status wouldn't matter much. So, after his Titan victory, Thanos obtains 5 stones and has one left to get. However, there is one story that is crucial to all of this that hasn't been discussed.

*Thor, Rocket, Groot, And.... Stormbreaker?? -While all of these things are going on, Thor has been on his own side mission with Rocket and Groot (they split up earlier) to go to the planet where Mjolnir was built. There, he receives assistance from one of the giant dwarfs played by Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones. It was amazing to see how they made him such a giant. Thor has to go into a device where he forges his new weapon, Stormbreaker out of the heart of a dying star. This was an intense scene and sequence and one that made Thor look even more badass than he already is. Thor gets the job done and allows the weapon to be mostly made, but it is missing a handle. However, Groot came through at the most crucial time as he saw the axe had been formed and chops off one of his arms to create the handle that this new weapon needs. This would be a huge turning point for the final act of the movie as Thor finally gets his power back to the highest level. This is an extremely important part of the movie. From that point, it is on to the final showdown with Thanos.

*The Final Battle On Wakanda As Black Panther, the Dora Milaje, the Jobari Tribe (M'Baku's Team) and others fight alongside Cap and his team, the battle rages with an intensity unlike anything seen in prior Marvel movies. Without giving you much away on the actual scene itself, we see Rogers and BP running at the speed of life to fight against the villains, a lot of excellent teamwork, then a surprising beam of lightning strikes as Thor, Groot, and Rocket make their grand entrance to Wakanda to join the war. As that wraps up, Thanos finds Vision and works to  take the Mind Stone. There are two different scenarios here and both of them play out, each leading to the demise of Vision. At this point, Thanos accomplished his mission of collecting all of the Infinity Stones. Thor has a moment with Thanos that is excellent, but as I said, this movie was all set up for Thanos to be victorious. As things began looking bleak for him, Thanos performs his most iconic move from the comic book, which is hinted at throughout the entire movie.   From this point, we see the aftermath of Thanos' action and it comes with a heavy price and cost. Back on Titan, Tony Stark mourns a heavy loss, which is the most touching scene of the movie.

-When it was all said and done, Thanos sits down looking at the sunset reflecting on what he accomplished. There is one post credit scene that sets up two movies in one, and it is a perfect way to truly end the movie.  Overall, I was very pleased with this Movie. It reminded me of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back because of the cliffhanger ending. The storylines were well established and developed as each character had plenty of screen time. Enough to go around for everyone to share. Thanos had great battles with everyone in their own special way. Even though there were characters everywhere, the Russo Brothers knew how to create a healthy balance between them. My Co-MVPs for this movie would have to be Thanos and Thor with Ironman and Dr. Strange following right behind them. This was one hundred percent a Thanos' Movie, and Thor has been the Most Improved since Ragnarok. Ironman was seen as the building block of the Avengers and he proved why in this movie and Dr. Strange came through in the clutch multiple times. I would give this movie 6 out of 6 Infinity Stones.



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