DAR Music: 10 Underrated Singles Produced By The Neptunes

By @TrueGodImmortal

The Neptunes are a legendary production duo. Pharrell and Chad have been discussed before on this site, as we highlight only the best of the best. However, for all of their legendary accomplishments, some of their work has gone slept on or at least underrated in their OWN catalog. With an extensive catalog of singles and hits, I asked myself "were there any singles that they produced that were hits but feel underrated" and it hit me. So, with that, here is a list of 10 underrated hit singles produced by the duo.

*2 Chainz featuring Pharrell- Feds Watching (2013)

-While 2 Chainz isn't one of the best rappers today, he is consistent. His music and his animated lyrics are actually pretty fun to listen to and enjoyable. This is one instance where Chainz delivers a hit and this one is actually a pretty big song for his career, but it doesn't get mentioned as much in terms of Neptunes productions. This is the most current of the singles on here and it features 2 Chainz making a Heather B reference, so that tells you all that you need to know.

*Ray J featuring Lil'Kim- Wait A Minute (2001)

-This song is well known and perhaps the biggest Ray J song of his career, however, it is not mentioned as much with the other important Neptunes productions. It was successful, managing to give Ray J a little more shine outside of being known as Brandy's brother or D-Money on Moesha (no knock on Ray J, just saying). The single has a knocking instrumental and the guest appearance by Lil' Kim takes it over the top.

*Robin Thicke- Wanna Love You Girl (2005)

-I remember the first time I heard this song, I wasn't a huge fan of it. I heard it on passing on the radio, and didn't pay it much mind, but the second and third time I heard it, I became a fan. With a standard Neptunes production and a simple but effective melody, this single showcased the knack that the production duo had for crafting gems, giving Robin what felt like more of an introductory single than anything in essence. 

*Old Dirty Bastard- Got Your Money (1999)

-ODB was a legend. He remains one of my favorite outlandish rappers even years after his unfortunate death. For me, this single was the second coming for ODB, and it revitalized him as an artist commercially. After a four year layoff mired in legal issues and controversy, this single was an infectious return to form for ODB and with Kelis on the hook, this was a winner.

*Solange- I Decided (2008)

-It has always felt like Solange doesn't get her just due and while there are many reasons for that I'm sure, this single has to get some love. It was an upbeat rhythm with a beautiful melody in place and Solange owns the production. I am not a huge Solange fan, but this song is extremely catchy from the production to the hook to even the verses. Some didn't even know The Neptunes handled this production, but they (mostly Pharrell) did an excellent job here.

*Philly's Most Wanted- Please Don't Mind (2001)

-Many people point to "Cross The Border" as the single that put Philly's Most Wanted on the map, and that was a classic, but they would shock many when their second single hit radio. While the duo didn't hit it big based on their debut album, they blessed the world with this gem. The production is stellar and the hook from Andre Wilson is the highlight, as this is peak Neptunes 2000s production. When I look back at the short Philly's Most Wanted run, this is the single that stands out the most without a doubt.

*Beenie Man featuring Mya- Girls Dem Sugar (2000)

-I think this single is a classic, and it is one of the most popular songs that either artist has been a part of, but I don't hear as much about this song as I do tracks like "Shake Ya Ass", "Southern Hospitality", or "Hot In Herre". To me, I would pick this song over the aforementioned tracks, simply because of the production and the hook. Mya steals the show and even though I have no idea what Beenie Man is saying besides "Girls Dem Sugar" (oh and he also says "they need this nigga"), this song is a true classic.

*LL Cool J- Luv U Better (2002)

-Some legends find new life with new producers and after 15 plus years in rap, LL needed a change of pace. For his 10th album, he would work with The Neptunes for a number of songs and would spawn his biggest hit in years. This melodic track features an extremely infectious hook and showcases LL rapping to his woman that he will improve on how he treats and loves her. This is a vintage LL love song and perhaps any other producer wouldn't have made this song pop the same, but the Neptunes have the right formula and utilized it here.

*Snoop Dogg- Let's Get Blown (2004)

-Everyone knows the chemistry between Snoop and the Neptunes is undeniable. Whether it was on the massive hits "Beautiful" or "Drop It Like It's Hot", they never disappoint with their songs. Their best work together however to me is the smooth "Let's Get Blown". With an extremely melodic production and rhythmic hook, the single instantly grabs your attention and commands you to sing along to it. This single isn't mentioned with many of the other classics produced by The Neptunes and it should be, as it is the best Snoop and Neptunes track together. Also, shoutout to Keyshia Cole on the hook as well.

*Omarion- Touch (2005)

-Known more for the video than the actual music, this track features Pharrell on the hook with his adlibs, and allows Omarion to craft one of his better songs. This is probably the best single fron Omarion and the melody is what carries it. The keyboards and the drums blend together well, and the adlibs by Pharrell on the hook are a perfect complement. All of these singles were hits in their own right, but they deserve recognition in the Neptunes catalog as some of the best works from the legendary duo.



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