DAR Music: The 8 Greatest SWV Singles

By @TrueGodImmortal

SWV is one of the greatest female R&B groups of all time. That much is known and they have earned the right to be considered as such due to the amount of work they have put in. With their vocal talent, their ability to bring hits to life, they had an amazing run from 1992 through 1998. Today, we are taking a look back at their 8 greatest hits and ranking them in order. Which single takes the no. 1 spot? Let's take a look.

8. SWV featuring Missy Elliott- Can We (1997)

-One of their last big singles, this was produced by Timbaland and featured Missy at her peak. This was originally included on the Booty Call soundtrack but was also added to the Release Some Tension album and received a lot of radio play, but didn't spark the charts like some of their other hits. It managed to reach no. 75 on the Billboard 100, as it possesses an infectious hook and rhythm all around that was slightly different than other Timbaland produced hits, but still familiar in sound. All in all, this was a good SWV single that came right before the end of their era in music. Bittersweet.

7. SWV- Anything (1994)

-I love the slow version of this song more than anything, but the truth is, most people know the more upbeat version that would be featured on the Above The Rim soundtrack. This upbeat version of the single would have hip hop inspired production and adlibs, with a bouncy vibe. The single would be successful, making it into the top 5 of the R&B charts, as well as the top 20 of the Billboard 100.

6. SWV- You're The One (1996)

-An uptempo track off their second album, the group delivers with another hit, one that actually sticks out as one of their most underrated singles. Despite being one of their most successful worldwide, you don't hear this single mentioned as much with "Weak", "Right Here", or even "Use Your Heart", even though it was more successful than "Use Your Heart". It is a no. 1 hit for the trio on the R&B charts, while it reached no. 5 on the Billboard 200, making it one of the biggest hits of their career, yet somehow still slept on at the same time.

5. SWV- I'm So Into You (1992)

-The second official single from their debut album was a major hit, as Brian Alexander Morgan would give them a bouncy production with an extremely catchy hook. The song was one of the landmark singles for the trio and remains one of their biggest and well known songs. As far as chart success goes, this track would reach the top 2 of the R&B charts and top 7 of the Billboard 100, a great feat for the group and all of R&B (in terms of cracking the top 10 of the Billboard 100).

4. SWV- Rain (1998)

The last official big hit from the group came just a little while after "Can We", as this slow jam would become a popular song amongst many fans and listeners. With a soft melody and raindrop sound effects throughout, the trio sings about... well... yeah. This was a bedroom ballad to the highest power and it would manage to crack the top 10 of the R&B charts as well as the top 25 of the Billboard charts, earning the distinction of the last SWV hit. The song has been sampled a few times and is still a fan favorite for sure, as it is one of their best remembered ballads without question.

3. SWV- Use Your Heart (1996)

-I thought really hard about where I wanted to include this single and for the most part, I struggled to figure out where to put this track. As far as chart success, it wasn't the biggest SWV single, but in reality, it might be the best. Produced and written by The Neptunes, this song is a beautiful ballad with one of the most infectious rhythms in the SWV catalog. The song was successful, as it cracked the top 25 of the Billboard 100, and would also reach no. 6 on the R&B charts, as well as radio domination. "Use Your Heart" is my favorite SWV single and to me, it definitely cracks the top 3.

2. SWV- Right Here/Human Nature (1993)

-This is a classic, but I've always been indifferent to the song personally. It's good, and the Human Nature sample does wonders for the slightly weaker original, but the fact is, this is probably the most memorable single in their entire catalog due to the association to the King Of Pop via sample. As a single, it was a huge hit, cracking the top 2 on the Billboard 100 and of course hitting no. 1 on the R&B charts.

1. SWV- Weak (1992)

-Of all the singles that came from SWV, this was the best of them all. The 90's R&B wave was one that was undeniable and for me, hearing this song brings back memories. As the opening of this track begins, and the initial lyrics and vocals spark something, you are instantly captivated by this amazing slow jam. It is the biggest hit in their career, making it to no. 1 on both of the main charts, including a two week stay on top of the Billboard 100. Brian Alexander Morgan blessed the ladies with an all time classic, and when talking about the singles from SWV, this has to be at the very top for sure.



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