DAR Games: 8 Classic Playstation 1 Games

By @TrueGodImmortal

The initial Playstation system is one of the most iconic systems in the entire gaming history, and it would bring the world a ton of classic games. Many franchises that we love today began with this system, and today, I wanted to take a look back at a few of those games that would spawn franchises or standalone legacies that have lasted through the years. Which games make this list? Let's take a look at 8 classic PS1 games.

*Driver: You Are The Wheelman

-This was a short lived franchise in some ways that began in the year 1999 and continued with an equally successful follow up game the next year. The concept was simple in essence. There are four locations which allows you to an open world community, which may have inspired some later games that employed a similar landscape. Those four locations would be Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Though the game itself didn't mirror the exact landscape of the actual locations, there was enough set in place to let you know where you were. This game was an adrenaline rush of sorts, allowing you to get into a faster paced adventure where you would spend hours wrecking havoc. The realism of this game was actually impressive for the era and if anything, that alone makes this game a classic. The second edition of the game wasn't as good IMO, but the first edition was a classic and one of my personal favorites for sure.

*NBA Live 98

-Simply put, NBA Live at one point was the best basketball gaming series by far. For me, I found NBA Live 98 to be the greatest edition of the game and it is still one of my all time favorites, even with 2K and the new NBA Live being so much fun to play. This was a game that essentially had everything I could ask for in terms of a basketball game, with the ability to use Charles Barkley on the Houston Rockets, a total control system that made the game more fluid, the fun three point contest, and different mechanics that made the game a lot of fun to play. A GM mode was also included for the first time on this game and it would end up being a revolutionary move in sports gaming in many ways. NBA Live 98 was a game changer and was easily a classic in the PS1 era.

*Gran Turismo 2

-One of the first racing games I've ever played and enjoyed, Gran Turismo 2 provides the gamer with an interesting experience throughout and is probably the best of the entire series. It was an expansive game at least in terms of vehicles, with hundreds of vehicles at your disposal to try out, and the gameplay was extremely accessible for casual fans of video gaming and wasn't too intricate. The graphics were actually pretty good for a game released in this era, and overall, GT2 just excelled where so many racing games have failed. It has the fun factor, the details that make a car fanatic go crazy, and so much more. Gran Turismo has some ups and downs as a franchise, but the second game in the series is the brightest highlight for sure.

*Spyro The Dragon

-I was never the biggest fan of this game, or this series for that matter, but to deny the popularity and the fun factor of Spyro would be criminal essentially. The little purple dragon with a lot of personality would debut in 1998 and take the world by storm for the most part. Developed by Insomniac Games, the arrival of Spyro was a game changer in terms of video game characters, with Spyro and his friend Sparx venturing through a Dragon kingdom to rescue other dragons from the dastardly Gnasty Gnorc. Spyro became universally loved and appreciated by many gamers all around the world and without this initial edition of his gaming series, none of it would be possible.

*WWF Smackdown 

-If you ever wondered what it would be like to have a wrestling game that is as close to the real action as possible, this was the game for you. While the second edition Know Your Role was slightly more entertaining and featured more wrestlers, the first edition of the series was mind blowing. It would showcase some of the best mechanics and gameplay of any wrestling game I had played up until that point, with the exception of No Mercy and NWO/WCW Revenge, both for the N64. For the PS1, this was the wrestling game I was waiting for all along. Whether it was playing as Stone Cold to take on Triple H, or even playing as The Rock, for a young wrestling fan, Smackdown was everything you could want in a wrestling game. I still feel as if this game was underrated in a way as well, as it doesn't always get mentioned with some of the all time greats, but this is by far the best wrestling game on the PS1 period.

*Twisted Metal 3

-There was no way that I could talk PS1 without mentioning Twisted Metal in some form, but the challenge was picking the game to include on this one. Twisted Metal 1 and 2 both exhibit what we love about these type of games, with destruction, violence, and wrecking havoc, but there was something about the third game that really took things to the next level. The game provided more personality to the characters and more fun into the settings of each battle and that definitely made for a better experience overall. Was Twisted Metal 3 the best game in the series? That is up for debate, but to me, this game has much more life to it than any edition in the franchise.

*Crash Bandicoot

-The original Crash Bandicoot is one of the most infamous games in the world, and it would make a mark in the gaming community that is still felt today. I actually became a fan of Crash Bandicoot by playing the demo on the PS1 and I found myself intrigued by the game instantly. It felt like something fun and I would soon learn after I purchased the actual game that it was one of the more addictive games at the time. The battle for Crash to defeat Cortex and Brio is definitely one of the more fun battles in PS1 gaming, and I've always found Crash Bandicoot to be one of the most simple yet effective games period.

*Metal Gear Solid

-By far, the first Metal Gear is one of the greatest Playstation games ever. It was extremely popular and definitely showcases some of the best gameplay we saw on the PS1, as the story of Snake began in an intricate way. The game is mostly for the hardcore gamer as casuals might find it to be a bit exhausting in a way, but this was the next wave in gaming. Full of cutscenes, movie like narratives, and production value that wasn't seen normally in video games, this game would be groundbreaking in multiple ways. The beginning of the journey of Solid Snake was a must for this list.



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