DAR Music: The 7 Best Ginuwine Singles

By @TrueGodImmortal

The artists who began in the 90's have all seemed to grow to become legends in their own right. From the countless groups to the landmark solo artists, the 90's R&B scene was full of amazing music and artistry. One artist who rose to fame in 1996 and went on a solid run throughout the rest of the decade was Ginuwine. Backed by Timbaland and the surrounding crew, including the important but underrated Static Major, Ginuwine would release multiple successful albums and amass a collection of hit songs. Today, we are here to discuss and rank those hits. Which singles are his greatest? Let's take a look at the 7 best Ginuwine singles.

7. Same Ol' G (1999)

-There were a few choices to place in this final spot. While "No. 1 Fan" wasn't an official single and "What's So Different" doesn't have the chart success, there were perhaps one or two songs I could have selected, with "Last Chance" being a possible no. 7, but I couldn't deny this one. I consider this one of the best Ginuwine songs period, not just singles, and with Timbaland backing him up on adlibs, everything blends very well. The hook is the best part of the song, but the opening verse actually is equally as iconic in his catalog. The song wouldn't be as successful as some of his other hits, as it only reached no. 67 on the Billboard 100, but it did manage to crack the top 15 of the R&B charts and if you remember that era, this song was all over the radio. If you're a Ginuwine fan then you have to appreciate the talking Timbaland does briefly before the excellent bridge, and simply put "Same Ol' G" is a classic.

6. None Of Ur Friends Business (1999)

-I actually think this is an underrated song in his career. With one of the smoothest Timbaland productions on the 100% Ginuwine album, along with an extremely infectious chorus, Ginuwine delivers a song that essentially tells his girl to let her friends know to mind their business. While the song is one of my favorites on the 100% Ginuwine album, it does slightly pale in comparison to the other singles in his catalog that would actually end up being bigger and perhaps more important to his career. It would reach no. 7 on the R&B charts and crack the top 50 of the Billboard 100, which of course isn't too impressive, but this single was definitely all over the radio when it dropped, giving Ginuwine yet another hit off of his classic sophomore release 100% Ginuwine.

5. Stingy (2002)

-Of all the singles on this list, perhaps this is the most interesting of them all. Ginuwine would have this song originally featured on the Barbershop soundtrack, but it would later be a part of his album The Senior the following year. Produced and written by Bryan Michael Cox and Johnta Austin, this song is a smooth ballad about being into someone and wanting to lock them down in a relationship and acknowledging how much they care. Perhaps that description is really simplified and basic, but the lyrics tell the story. The entire song is infectious here, with a hook that definitely inspires you to sing along (especially in the car, on the way to work, but that's besides the point). "Stingy" would be very successful, reaching no. 7 on the R&B charts, though it didn't fare as well on the Billboard 100, as it only managed to hit no. 33. Still, this single was all over the radio and Ginuwine had done it once again. Surprisingly, this song sounds like it was written by Static Major, but apparently Ginuwine was the one behind the pen, and this song would end up reaching the top 10 of the R&B charts, landing at no. 7 for the highest point.

4. Differences (2001)

-So, I'll be real. As a Ginuwine fan, I didn't know the name of this song for a little while. Initially I thought it was called Life Changes or Since You Came In My Life, but of course, I learned that was NOT the case... eventually. I think a lot of people felt the same way, but regardless, this is one of the biggest hits in its career, and chart wise, it might be the biggest. It is one of the rare hit singles from Ginuwine that was not produced by Timbaland, and this soft ballad was written for Ginuwine's wife Sole. Everyone who is a fan of the song instantly recognizes the chorus, as the "my whole life has changed... since you came in" opening of the hook is classic. With Troy Oliver providing the production for this hit, the song would reach the top 5 of the Billboard 100 and no. 1 on the R&B charts, becoming only the second no. 1 R&B hit for Ginuwine in his career.

3. In Those Jeans (2003)

-I stand by my old claim that this is the funniest song of all time. Look, it was intended to be a sensual ballad about the beauty of a woman with the right proportions and shape.... but, the lyrics are absolutely ridiculous and laugh inducing. Now, don't get me wrong. I love this song. It has numerous quotes and the hook is extremely catchy. I'll never deny that and my laughter at the lyrics will never ever change the fact that this is a great song. However, it is comical from start to finish. To be fair, a lot of classic ballads are pure hilarity in R&B, so that's par for the course in reality. Regardless, this Jerry "Juke" Vines produced slow jam was very important for Ginuwine, becoming the biggest reason for his fourth album The Senior's success. The song would reach the top 10 of the Billboard 100 and the top 3 of the R&B charts becoming one of his most notable and successful hits. Yes, "In Those Jeans" is a classic, but it is also one of those songs that you listen to and can't help but laugh every time.

2. Pony (1996)

-Of course. This single has to be discussed. If you've ever been to a bar in the county or just somewhere that is in a neutral area, then I am almost certain you've heard this song, followed by someone poorly dancing to it. Yes, I know. This is not a pretty sight, but that's pretty much an indication of how big the song is. Anytime your song makes one of those playlists, you've done something right. In many ways, this should be no. 1, but honestly the song was never that great. It is extremely catchy and that's why it gets the love that it has over the years, but in no way is "Pony" the best or the greatest single. Is it the second greatest? Yes. And it isn't really close in that regard. While I would take a few other songs over this one quality wise, I will say that this is such an iconic single that if you have it at no. 1, it is understandable. The single would signal the arrival of Ginuwine and end up on the R&B charts at no. 1 and it would hit no. 6 on the Billboard 200, earning huge honors and success for the debut of a new artist on the rise.

1. So Anxious (1999)

-I chose this single over the others on the list for a number of reasons. Sure, there are other singles that charted better, but none of them are quite in the same league as this classic. With the slow, smooth Timbaland production and Static Major adlib vocals in the background as the song ended, Ginuwine would craft what I consider his best bedroom anthem and one of the greatest slow jams of the 90's. The song would become hugely successful, though not quite as successful as say "Differences" or "Pony", but it did manage to reach no. 2 on the R&B charts and cracked the top 20 of the Billboard 100. While "Pony" and "Differences" might have both reached no. 1, the legacy of "So Anxious" and the quality of the song holds slightly more weight than anything else. It was a tough decision and it could go a different way depending on your opinion, but we selected "So Anxious" as the no. 1 single in Ginuwine's catalog.



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