DAR Books: 6 Controversial Black Books

By @TrueGodImmortal

There are many controversial books written by black authors that go largely unnoticed by mainstream literary figures and critics. While many books have won awards and are very notable amongst readers, there are some that despite their popularity and success even, they still carry an aura of controversy with them. Today, I wanted to take a brief look at 6 books that are popular and well known, but also very controversial classics. Which books do we discuss? Read on and find out.

*Native Son
(Written By Richard Wright)

-Perhaps Black Boy would have been a better choice for this, but Native Son has a gripping story that essentially paints the protagonist in an interesting light. A black man, who has sought his eye on revenge against the white race is essentially the hero of said book. At least in theory. It was vulgar, aggressive, gripping, and an excellent story from one of the best authors of that time period. Richard Wright took plenty of criticism, but his books always delivered and this one is probably his most notable release.

*Seize The Time: The Story Of The Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton 
(Written By Bobby Seale)

-In essence, when looking at one of the more underrated books of our time, you have to take into consideration why this book is seen as controversial. Any powerful piece of literature from the Black Power movement was often criticized and hated, and naturally, this was no different. Bobby Seale is legendary, his name is well known, and his role in the Black Panther Party is well stated, and he details the story of the Panther Party and everything involved with it. The book is broken down into chapters that take you through the inception, the tumultuous times, and everything in between. The book was never given the attention it truly deserved and if you're looking to read more on the Party, this is a great place to start as you hear stories directly from the leader himself.

*Invisible Man
(Written By Ralph Ellison)

-One of the safer choices still has a legacy of controversy especially for the time it released. It was a look into the grim reality of discrimination and racism in the time when it was released in 1952. The book was hard hitting, controversial and would get challenged by multiple sources and publications and even banned by several outlets. The book, is a story that many should read and understand, and so many have dismissed it over the years as not having any literary value and being inflammatory, but all in all, this is an important book for sure and one that brought tons of controversy with it.

*The Autobiography Of Malcolm X
(Written By Alex Haley)

-Even in the 2010s, people want to act as if the ideology and life of Malcolm X was wrong or too violent. Yes, in America, they want you to think that Malcolm X was far too radical and too revolutionary when he literally just preached what we needed to hear. Now, in many circles, this book is essentially considered one of the greatest ever, but mainstream America still shuns Malcolm for the most part. It is criminal that America has yet to fully embrace Malcolm and his legacy, but the truth is, his autobiography was pivotal for a lot of young black men in tbe world. Any book that has the power to affect many of our brothers in one way or another is one that needs to be universally loved and appreciated. While most of us appreciate this book, it is for that reason why it is considered controversial and it was banned in several instances as well. That's literary power.

*Die Nigger Die 
(Written By H. Rap Brown)

-One of the most controversial books ever, Die Nigger Die has been one of the most challenged and banned books of all time, but it is an autobiography of one controversial figure. As a political activist, H. Rap Brown was all about Black Power and furthering his people. This book details his experiences as an activist in the Civil Rights era and how that shaped his real opinion of white America. The opinions of H. Rap were never easy to read or hear, but they were raw and real, whether they were accurate or flawed. This is one book that very rarely gets discussed in the mainstream, mostly for its title, but also largely due to the content. Controversial doesn't even begin to describe this book.

*The Bluest Eye
(Written By Toni Morrison)

-So, this book is one of the most interesting ones on the list. So, when I first heard of the book, I knew very little about it. I was never intrigued by Toni Morrison and her books like that honestly, but this one caught my eye for the premise and controversy alone. This was Morrison's first novel and it would raise the ire of many due to the graphic details and the very harsh and rough subjects that it dealt with. I wasn't completely sold on the topic and what the book was about, but shortly after reading it the first time, I realized how important the story was. This book, like so many others, including the select ones on this list, have power in them. The power of black literature is strong and I still think each book here deserves to be read multiple times over.



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