DAR Films: 10 Bad Movies Starring Rappers

By @TrueGodImmortal

The film industry has seen an influx of rappers joining the fray over the last 25 years or so. Rappers were always interested in joining that form of entertainment, but it has become more prevalent over the last decade or two, as more opportunities exist in the film world. Whether in a motion picture that goes out to thousands of theaters, a Netflix original, a straight to video/DVD film, or TV movie, these films have definitely ranged from great to downright awful and today, we are here to discuss the worst of the worst. Which movies do we discuss? Let's take a look.

*Hot Boyz (2000)

-No Limit Films gave us some of the worst movies known to man. It's the truth. Silkk The Shocker can't act. That's one. None of the No Limit Soldiers can act. That's two. This story was hilarious. That's three. I mean, Silkk was doing martial arts in the film. I have no idea why this movie was meant to be serious, but it was definitely inspired by classic hood movies of the past, it just wasn't nearly as good as those classics. Silkk's girl is murdered (she was pregnant) and he spends the movie avenging her death against crooked cops and a crooked system. The movie plot is just so poorly executed and the acting is so bad that any chance of this movie being good was lost as soon as it released, but seeing Shireen from The Good Girls was worth the watch at least.

*Crime Partners (2001)

-This was honestly the funniest movie of all time to me. A 2001 film based on a Donald Goines novel and the debut from director J. Jesses Smith, this film stars Ice T, Snoop Dogg, and Ja Rule alongside Tyrin Turner and Clifton Powell and was one of the most forgettable films I've ever sat through. This was another Hollywood Video rental that led to much laughter at every performance and while it was of course your typical street film, it attempts to provide a message that gets drowned out in the gunfire and poor acting. Ice T isn't horrible here, but Snoop seems disinterested and Ja is not a good actor. There were other films I could have picked for this list that star Snoop (what's up Bones and Soul Plane) and Ja Rule (Half Past Dead, how you doing), but this is one of the most forgettable movies from each of the rappers in it, so this has to get mentioned.

*Belly 2: Millionaire Boys Club (2006)

-Why.....WHY IS THIS MOVIE CALLED BELLY 2? You know what, that is the thing that pisses me off the most. This movie starring The Game has no connection to the original Belly and the fact they called this movie a "true story", this makes it even worse. First off, The Game is a horrible actor. Secondly, this movie exists for no reason other than the opportunity for Game to most likely live out a childhood fantasy and have a sex scene with Shari Headley, who many of us know as Lisa McDowell from Coming To America. There was literally no other reason for this movie to exist. The secret lives narrative this movie attempts to take is honestly stupid, and the way the body count racks up is almost hilarious. Some of the deaths are poorly done and the ending is extremely confusing. Shari Headley is literally the only reason worth watching the movie, not because her acting was so good here (it wasn't), she is just beautiful to look at even 2 decades removed from Coming To America. However, everything in this movie is generic and laughable. Hell, the sex scene is even the worst, as there was no on screen chemistry between Game and Shari at all. This movie is one that I wish I could get the time back that I spent watching it.

*Before I Self Destruct (2009)

-Even on lists like this, 50 and Game are closely connected. 50 is one of my favorite rappers ever, and the album of the same name is severely underrated, but this movie? I can only express my disappointment in the movie by summing it up with two words: the ending. The death scene at the end is literally the most generic death I've ever seen in a film and it makes me wonder what the hell 50 was thinking. I mean, 50 lost a ton of weight for a movie once, and that was bad enough, but this movie is 10 times worse. There are cameos from Treach and Lloyd Banks (as a teacher...HA), and at the very least Treach is decent, but otherwise, this movie is bad all around. Clifton Powell of course makes sure to extend his black movie discount to 50, as he is featured as well. The only real highlight of this film is the most deceptive woman in it, the beautiful Sasha Delvalle, who stars as Princess, and has a crazy body. She is the one sole highlight of this by the numbers movie. Well, actually, if you find these type of things funny like I do, 50's character being named Clarence Jenkins should also bring you a chuckle or two. Before I Self Destruct was hilarious for all the wrong reasons and it was supposed to be a drama-action film.

*Who's Your Caddy (2007)

-There are people who enjoy this movie. I understand. Well, no I don't. I've spoken about this film multiple times, and the fact remains, it is the most confusing moment in the career of Outkast's Big Boi. He is a legend. One of the best ever to pick up a mic. He had a decent role in the intriguing ATL film, and then he gets a starring role..... in THIS? Alright then. The hip hop version of Caddyshack? What could go wrong? Throw in Lil' Wayne, Faizon Love, and a terrible cast with poor humor and this movie fits the bill perfectly.

*Belly (1998)

-I know. I know. Belly is a classic.... but a horrible classic. The movie never really goes anywhere in all honesty even as the story progresses. DMX, Nas, and Method Man star in the film and AZ makes a special appearance, but the truth needs to be spoken. Visually, this is an amazing movie. The scenes are done very well visually and if there is anything wrong giving Hype Williams credit for, it is that. He knows how to create a beautiful visual scene. However, this movie runs more like an extra long music video without the music and that does not work. Taral Hicks is a highlight in this film, and DMX has moments where he looks comfortable on screen. There are a few scenes that have hood classic status, but even those scenes are bad from a technical film perspective. The worst part of the movie is somehow between the horrible acting of T-Boz and Nas or the fact that the plot endgame for the characters truly make no sense. Nas wants to go to Africa, DMX wants to go.... well, we don't know. His intentions are never truly known. This story, the pacing, the writing, and everything in between is horrible. However, the visuals and a few select scenes are entertaining enough to make this movie a hood classic...... but still a bad film.

*Thicker Than Water (1999)

-I remember going in Hollywood Video and seeing this movie. I used to read XXL and The Source as a kid, and this movie was always somehow on my list to watch. I decided one day to ask my mother to rent it and she did. Unfortunately, the movie that came across the screen was nothing that I was hoping for. At all. This is almost like a fat nigga Boyz N The Hood meets portly lightskin Menace II Society meets.... I don't know. The thing is, Fat Joe was not a good actor, Mack 10 was not a good actor, and Ice Cube being in the movie makes this even funnier. The story is a decent attempt, but it fails miserably in execution. The ending of the film leaves you looking at the screen like "really?", and to be honest, I think I said that a few times watching this. All in all, this is just another film that really goes nowhere.

*MP Da Last Don (1998)

-So, I liked a number of the No Limit films. So much so that I didn't want to put two of them on this list. However, there was no way at all that I could leave this one off. Master P has never been the most original artist or moviemaker, but this was just ridiculous. An apparent ripoff from The Godfather, this film literally tries to copy that format to no avail. P plays the son of Don Corleone (read that once more), and he is serious. No, this movie is not a parody. No, P doesn't have a true Italian accent. Yes, his bloodline in the film is comprised of mostly Italians. Yes, the entire No Limit makes an appearance in the movie. There are no memorable scenes here, there are no entertaining moments, just an entire film full of confusion and unintentional laughs. Master P during the I'm Bout It and I Got The Hook Up films was bad enough, but at least those films have small redeeming qualities. MP The Last Don has none of those.

*State Property (2002)

-So, here is the truth. I love this movie. I actually don't dislike this movie. I have watched it over 10 times. I own the DVD. I love it. However, this isn't about my own love for this movie, because despite loving this movie and Belly, I know they are BOTH terrible films. State Property is a bit worse than Belly, as the story is pretty bland, the acting is hilariously bad, and the movie has one of the most funniest shootout scenes in film history. This movie actually went to the theaters at one point and I remember going to the movies to actually watch it first. I thought the movie was entertaining to an extent, but I was young then, and I didn't fully grasp the extent of what it takes to make an actual good movie. The cameos from Jay-Z and others were funny, Dame Dash was hilarious, and Beanie Sigel was essentially just himself with a script, and those are pretty much the highlights. Memphis Bleek is the worst actor of the entire bunch, as he seems uncomfortable in his role, but he isn't the only one. The funniest part of this movie comes at a basketball court shootout, when you can clearly see the faces of the people being shot and most of them, including one in particular are smiling or laughing as they drop, which only adds to everything working against this film. Would I still watch State Property? Absolutely. Is it a horrible movie? Absolutely.

*Never Die Alone (2003)

-DMX was a decent actor, and I actually enjoyed his movies like Exit Wounds, Cradle 2 The Grave, and Romeo Must Die, but those films didn't require much of X. For some reason, this film was an attempt at a much darker tone and required more from X and everyone involved and as a result, it failed miserably. The reviews weren't pretty, the acting was far from pretty, and I wish that DMX would have taken a different route for this movie. The story is just poor, and you literally watch the movie hoping for more, but nothing ever comes. It is disappointing all around.



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