DAR Hip Hop: 6 Underrated Female Rappers Of The Recent Era

By @TrueGodImmortal

The social media world has been littered with talk of female rap beef and issues, and it honestly is tiring. With all the talk of Nicki Minaj and her antics, along with Cardi B and her rise to fame, and even the return of Young M.A., female rap is... limited mainstream wise. You could even look to the Cupcakke, Rico Nasty, Saweetie, and other currently hyped rappers and say that they aren't the top tier of women in the music world. What has been missing from the female hip hop music game is substance and what feels like authenticity. Today, I wanted to take a look at 6 underrated female rappers that aren't always given their credit. Who are these artists? Let's take a look.


-This list will be full of artists from Chicago, and while Dreezy is not someone I listen to regularly, she is still a solid artist with decent lyricism who is able to switch between singing vocals and rapping. Her mixtape From Now On garnered some attention and fandom before her debut studio album on Interscope Records titled No Hard Feelings spawned the hit "Body" along with "We Gon Ride", and while it wasn't a massive success, it did showcase her talent. Dreezy is still young and could very well continue to grow as an artist, and that might be interesting as the years continue.


-The Bay Area is definitely about winning nowadays and there are nothing but championships coming to The Town. However, in the music scene, they have some success as well, as Bay Area rapper Kamaiyah mixes the party vibe of the West Coast with solid lyricism. Her debut project A Good Night In The Ghetto" was a gem and one of the better projects of the year, and she seems poised and ready to hit the world with even more music sooner than later.

*FM Supreme

-More of a poet than a rapper, FM Supreme is lyrically one of the more gifted names in the game and she hails from Chicago. She is a passionate social activist who finds the time to support the cause while also putting out good music as well. She is more so like the female Jay Electronica than anything, as she released one project in 2010 and opted to just release songs via Soundcloud afterwards. Still, her lyrical composite is one of the best in the women's game, and on songs like the mildly popular "No Turning Back" and "This Is Not A Drill", she does what she does best and shines bright. Her activist side is more prevalent than her music, but she is a talented sister who deserves credit for putting some substance out there.


-So, in essence, she is probably the best female rapper today, yet she doesn't get the credit she deserves. Rapsody is a gem of a rapper and the most mature of the ladies on this list. Her appeal is that she is relatable and down to earth while giving high quality lyricism. She has been in the game officially since 2008, and has released two critically acclaimed albums in The Idea Of Beautiful and Laila's Wisdom along with solid EPs as well. Amidst all the talk about Nicki, Cardi, Young Ma, and those type of artists, Rapsody is a shining example of hip hop at its finest: vulnerable, honest, raw, and real. Laila's Wisdom was one of the best albums in 2017, which proves her power as an artist.

*Jean Grae

-One of my all time favorite female rappers is still largely unknown by the mainstream crowd and that's a shame. Jean Grae is not as active as she once was musically, but she did return this year with a new LP to remind everyone why she is the premier lyricist in the genre today. Her new collab album with Quelle Chris was actually pretty solid, though her biggest claim to fame remains her epic 9th Wonder produced album Jeanius, which is regarded by many as a hip hop classic. Her bravado, her honesty, her wordplay, and her raw lyricism helped give her longevity and I still think her older albums This Week and Attack Of The Attacking Things are raw gems in the genre. Jean deserves much more respect as an artist.


-Also known as Noname Gypsy, this Chicago native is one of the best artists in the female game by far and quite possibly my personal favorite of the new school next to Rapsody. She is honestly a rarity, blending the rhythms and melodies together perfectly with a laid back and breezy flow and abstract lyricism. She isn't quite the powerful lyricist that a Jean Grae is, and she isn't as relatable as Rapsody honestly, but she has an appeal that made her debut project Telefone a near classic. The production was smooth and I think tracks like "Diddy Bop", "Yesterday", and my favorite "Reality Check" are some of the best tracks to come from a female rapper in quite some time. Noname is slightly quirky, in her own world essentially, and like every other artist on this list, she provides quality. Support quality in your rappers, whether male or female.



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