DAR Music: 7 Of The Best R&B/Soul Artists Today

By @TrueGodImmortal

R&B music is at an interesting time. Most artists today don't actually have great voices and they are very simple in writing their music and of course, the same could be said for hip hop, or rap at least. With the quality in music overall seeming down, we knew that the genre itself wasn't letting us down all across the board and we decided to take a look at some of the artists who make listening worthwhile. While some older fans tend to reject most artists of today, we wanted to show love to the artists who either arrived this decade or even in the last few years officially and made their mark on music all around. Who do we list here? Read on and find out.

*Daniel Caesar

-While he isn't the most well known artist, his music is actually some of the best today in the genre. With his debut album arriving in 2017, he would bring his soulful sound and his knack for playing the guitar to the mainstream, starting with the Kali Uchis assisted "Get You", and continuing with a track from yet another artist on this list H.E.
R. on their classic collab "Best Part". His debut album Freudian was successful and those two singles helped pushed them. I'm very skeptical and hard to please today with the music in the genre, but I thoroughly enjoyed the debut album from Caesar and would like to hear what he has in store next.

*The Internet

-The best group in music today. Hands down. The Internet make music that fits the current climate and provides a soulful style that is lacking in the music world. With the powerful vocals of Syd really carrying the group, they have become quite the popular act and have some of the most consistent music today. Their biggest project, the 2015 classic Ego Death essentially pushed them to forefront and made more people take notice, and their 2018 album Hive Mind only furthers their cause. With tracks like "Wanna Be", "Girl", "Under Control", "Special Affair", "Come Over", "Look What U Started", and more, The Internet has the title of best group in music on lock and they don't seem interested in relinquishing it. They are also solid solo artists as well in their own right, which makes them even more of a threat musically.

*Janelle Monae

-I used to be a much bigger fan of her music years ago, but despite not being the biggest fan now, I can't deny her quality. Her music has went in a slightly different direction but maintains the soul and R&B basis that it has always been rooted in. She has made countless gems in her catalog, and her most recent album Dirty Computer has plenty of those. From her big single "Make Me Feel" to the interesting "Django Jane", and "Pynk". Her best work to me came on The Electric Lady, her 2013 release, but her albums prior also would be critically acclaimed and have a lot of great music. Janelle has a style of her own and she continues to reinvent herself, which easily earns her a spot on this list.

*Allen Stone

-So, you might be surprised to see blue eyed soul on my list, but I cannot make a list about soul and R&B artists without including the best artist in the game arguably. So, he isn't Robin Thicke or Justin Timberlake, hell he isn't even Mayer Hawthorne, but Allen Stone has some of the best music today and it mostly has gone under the radar. When you see him, you'll likely consider him to be a rocker, but his vocals seemingly invoke memories of past soul artists and the instrumentation in all of his music is legit. My favorite songs from Allen include "Unaware", "American Privilege", "Bed I Made", "Killin' Time", and the undeniable "Brown Eyed Lover". Simply put, Allen has this music thing down and he does it to perfection. If you're unaware of his music and his talent, get familiar ASAP. You won't regret it.


-Gaby Wilson was a child prodigy that would have audiences intrigued by her voice at such a young age. She would reinvent her under the acronym H.E.R. and come out with music that would garner some fans and attention. I was skeptical about her at first, but the moment I heard her song "Focus", I was sold. There is an actual funny story how I ended up hearing the song, and to make it short, a woman played it for me because she thought it applied to the situation we had. Aside from that, H.E.R. has other gems like "Every Kind Of Way", "My Song", "Losing", and more. Her voice is the best part of the music, as it works as an extra instrument almost to carry her music. She is easily the best female artist in the genre these days if you ask me.


-I have spoken countless times about Miguel and will continue to champion his music. His journey into the industry was no short one and his arrival in the game was met with some resistance, but when he broke through, he never looked back. Since his first album in 2010, Miguel hasn't missed once. His music ranges from soul to funk to pop to traditional R&B and he honestly embodies every genre he flirts with perfectly. His best album remains Kaleidoscope Dream, but I have a personal preference for the often slept on Wildheart, and his most recent album grew on me more as time went by. Miguel possesses a large replay value in his music, and that is hard to come by in this current era. Some of my favorite songs from him include "Banana Clip", "Coffee", "Deal", "Come Through And Chill", "Adorn", "Quickie", and so many more. He hasn't missed on an album yet and he has a ton of hits under his belt. He is a legend in the making for sure.

*BJ The Chicago Kid

-Honestly, the most underrated artist in the genre and it isn't even close. I'm waiting on a new album from him and cannot wait to see what he does next. He is the king of hooks in this era, at least on the non mainstream side of things, as he has laced several artists including Rapsody, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, and Big K.R.I.T. with classic hooks. His own music is equally amazing, as his albums are mostly flawless and even his short EPs and mixtapes have some classics and gems. My favorite tracks from BJ include "The Resume", "Turnin' Me Up", "Perfect", "Rather Be With You", "Soul Of A Woman", "Roses", and so many others. His catalog is shaping up well and he hasn't missed once on a project yet, similar to most of the artists here. What's next for these artists? I guess we'll have to just sit back and watch.



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