DAR Games: 7 Games That Feature Spiderman

By @TrueGodImmortal

With the new Spiderman game that released, we wanted to take a look at the game and also some of the other video games in history to feature the web slinging Avenger. We won't discuss every single game that featured Spiderman, but we will cover 7 choices, including the new release that is in the process of breaking records, which we won't reveal too much about it, but just discuss the game briefly. Which Spiderman games make this list? Let's take a look.

*Spider-Man (1982)

-The very first Spiderman game to exist is one I have to mention on this list. Considering the new one is such a success, one has to wonder how the very first Spiderman was, and how successful it was for Atari. Well, in terms of gameplay, it was what you expected, as the objective centered around climbing buildings and to defuse bombs set in place by the Green Goblin. The game was very limited but for the time, had to be exciting and fun. It was a mild success, but it began a trend and started the wave for one of the most popular superhero characters for gaming. 

*Spider-Man and The X-Men In Arcade's Revenge (1992)

-Even the Super Nintendo and SEGA era got a dosage of Spiderman alongside some other excellent Marvel characters in the X-Men. This game is actually a lot of fun to play and it sometimes feels extremely underrated in the history of superhero gaming. With the evil mastermind Arcade being the focal point of the game, it is up to the X-Men and Spiderman to survive and save themselves after being abducted and captured by Arcade. The game was based on the The Uncanny X-Men comic, and features some fun gameplay throughout. Controlling every hero through their specific level is a nice touch and adds even more fun to it, and this game is one of my favorites to feature the Web slinging Avenger.

*Spider-Man (1995)

-So, you might be wondering how many times the Spider-Man gaming series has rebooted with a self titled game. The answer would be as many times as the movie franchise has rebooted damn near. This game however is a personal favorite for me, as the story was actually pretty intriguing and for the time, the gameplay was actually solid. The story revolved around four crucial enemies of Spider-Man escaping from Ravencroft Prison. The enemies in question are Dr. Octopus, The Green Goblin, the Alien Spider Slayer, and Alistair Smythe, all of which you have to stop before they wreck New York. The SNES version was actually better than the SEGA version and the game was met with mixed reviews, but I actually think it's entertaining and a fun game.

*Spider-Man (2000)

-With every gaming generation comes yet another Spiderman game that entices the gamer. This one is fondly remembered by the PS1 generation as it was the game that hinted at what was to come. Of course, Spider-Man games were always plentiful, but this one was a notch above the others prior. It would set the tone IMO for the next batch of Spider-Man games that were essentially based on the movies that were blockbuster hits. This game featured Scorpion, Venom, Rhino, and more, and the gameplay was actually really good. Nostalgia makes this game even more special than it really was, but when speaking of the best Spiderman game in the PS1/N64 era, this is by far the only choice.

*Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes (2002)

-This game isn't the greatest. However, there are so many Marvel games in the same style as this one that I just wanted to pick one from the pile and add that to the list. I thought about Part 3 of this series, I thought about Ultimate Alliance as well, but ultimately, this game stuck out the most to me, thus the inclusion of this one. The premise is simple, you select Marvel and Capcom characters to do battle with each other and of course, your neighborhood Spidey is featured in this game and is one of the most fun characters to use on the Marvel side. Some have said that they prefer the first edition or the third one, but I think the second was the best of this series.

*Spider-Man 2 (2004)

-So, games based on movies usually suck. That's just the fact. Do you remember the Bad Boys that came out? Probably not. Do you remember the Scarface game? Maybe, but it's far from one of your favorites. However, Spider-Man 2 and the games in this series bucked the trend and made entertaining games based on the blockbuster films. Allowing Spider-Man to have some free roaming ability on the game throughout New York City made for a fun and open adventure, but the objective was pretty clear. In terms of the villains in this game, you would encounter Black Cat, The Rhino, Mysterio, Shocker, and of course, like the movie, Dr. Octopus. The gameplay is solid and the plot is a lot of fun to play in gaming form.

*Spiderman (2018)

-This game was met with so much fanfare and rave reviews that I wanted to include just for the success it has. The game is doing huge numbers, many have crowned it the best superhero game or at least one of the best superhero games of all time, and it is pretty expansive overall. It features the Iron Spider suit from Infinity War, which is a nice touch, along with hours of amazing gameplay and on top of that, the game looks spectacular.  There are a large list of characters featured, including a plethora of enemies from Tombstone to Kingpin to Shocker to Electro to Rhino to Scorpion and many more. Insomniac Games have a winner with this one and it remains to be seen how beloved this game becomes as the legacy will surely grow as the months and years pass.



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