DAR TV: 15 Important Black Sitcom Theme Songs

By @TrueGodImmortal

Recently, I went on a binge listening spree of my favorite television theme songs and decided that perhaps it would be fun to take a look at some of the best themes from classic black sitcoms. While black sitcoms had the engaging content that made us watch weekly, it was the theme song that usually grabbed our attention first. Today, we wanted to look at some of the most infamous theme songs. Let's take a look at 15 important black sitcom themes.


-So, here is the thing. Martin doesn't have the most classic theme, but it was very recognizable and fit the show perfectly. The first theme is the best, as the sounds of "MARTIN!!" repeating are perfect along with Martin even throwing some adlibs in the background. The more R&B smooth version of the theme was also recognizable and catchy but it did not feel the same as the original. Usually with theme songs, the original is the best always.


-So I always felt this was a bland theme in so many ways, but Brandy singing her own theme was dope and deserves a mention. The "Mo to the....E to the..." opening is always recognizable and Brandy handles the theme very well.

*The Cosby Show

-So I did like this show despite whatever situation Cosby is in now. I am not a fan of Cosby nor was I ever a big fan of his, but this show had the benefit of some very interesting and different themes over the years. The best? The season 6 theme with the smooth upbeat jazz rendition. If there is any other theme from this show that is better than the Season 6 theme, I would love to hear it. This theme is legendary honestly.

*Good Times

-I mean, of course. This js one of the more iconic themes in sitcom history. Whether it is the loud resounding sound of "Good Times", the feeling and emotion behind the words "keeping your head above water" or even how smoothly "temporary layoffs" sounds in this song, the Good Times theme is one of the greatest theme songs of all time, sitcom or otherwise. It might be the greatest ever honestly.


-So, many people actually don't appreciate this theme as much as they should because for the most part, this is a classic theme. Marla Gibbs is actually singing on the theme and whenever you hear that "there's no place like home", you knew it was time to settle in and watch what is now an underrated black sitcom amongst the masses.

*The Jamie Foxx Show

-So, I think this applies to both of the themes from his show. The first one is more upbeat with bounce to it, and of course the iconic opening of "here I come, here I come, there I go", along with more smooth singing from Jamie. While that was a classic theme, I am partial to the second theme of the show, titled "Simple Things", which is much smoother and has even more of a R&B style to it than the original theme. I can't choose between the two themes so I'll label both rightfully so as classics and leave it at that.

*Family Matters

-So I never liked Urkel much and I find this sitcom to be one of the most annoying in the black television world. Overly cheesy and corny at times, Family Matters has about two good seasons and then it takes a dive. However, the theme is iconic in its own right, starting with those frenzied piano keys and leading into an opening verse that you can sing along to before reaching the apex of the theme on the chorus where the resounding lyrics of "as DAYS... GO....BY..." take over your ears. Sure, Family Matters was a weaker show, but the theme is a classic.

*Sanford And Son

-The other rare instance where just a simple instrumental can instantly grab your ear and attention. Don't believe me? Think about the sitcom right now. What is the first thing to come to mind? If it isn't Fred Sanford clutching his chest and talking to Elizabeth, then it is without a doubt the catchy instrumental that became the most iconic theme without lyrics ever. That theme is so powerful, it will make you strut as you walk just because. You can hear the theme in your ears right now I bet, can't you?

*A Different World

-So..... there are two themes to choose from here. The original, which is sung by the late great Aretha Franklin and is probably the better of the two, and then you have the Boyz II Men version, which is also solid. We are ignoring the version of theme from the very first season because it pales in comparison to those two. Honestly, the Aretha version might be one of the greatest themes ever, black sitcom or otherwise. Her voice carries those lyrics to a place that no one else possibly could.


-So, when you see a show titled Amen, surely you want a theme that resembles what the show is about... right? Absolutely. So, it comes as no surprise that the theme for this show is 100% gospel music with resounding choir vocals and a fenale vocalist who takes is all to church, which of course is the goal and premise of the show. This is a definite classic theme.

*What's Happening

-So, it is essentially one of the best themes that is just an instrumental, but the infectious yet laid back rhythm of the What's Happening theme was enough to earn it some discussion on this list. When you hear this song, you instantly think of Rog and Re-Run and Dwayne, and all the antics they would get into. This is one of the rare instrumental theme songs that worked perfectly.

*The Jeffersons

-Of course, this theme has to be mentioned. It is one of the most glorious and upbeat themes of them all and the most iconic in opening. We all know about the beans don't burn in the kitchen and moving on up, which makes the theme so special. The production for it is a very big highlight as well with the bouncy claps.

*Living Single

-Imagine taking a jazzy rap track, Queen Latifah lyrics, and a smoothly sung chorus and putting it all together. Sounds excellent for music back in 1993. Now make it the theme song for her own sitcom. Even better. This theme is catchy, infectious, and one of my personal favorites honestly. The chorus is one of the most catchy in a sitcom theme song ever.

*The Wayans Bros

-So, if you consider the goofy intro to be a part of the theme, then this is by far a classic. However, the most iconic thing about the Wayans Bros theme song was that it was a track that was already etched into our minds as hip hop fans. After the "we're brothers, we're happy and we're singing and we're colored.... give me a high five" intro, the show then gives way to A Tribe Called Quest classic on "Electric Relaxation. While they only play the hook of the song and not much of the verses, it was still an iconic moment for television and for Tribe honestly. Salute to the Wayans for getting Tribe some of those syndication checks.

*Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

-The GOAT theme song. Will Smith takes his Fresh Prince persona to the small screen and he christened the sitcom with one of the most iconic songs ever in terms of themes. The beat, the story, and the lyrics all showcase what makes the Fresh Prince of Bel Air a legendary sitcom. There is no better sitcom theme than this one IMO. Or any theme period.



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