DAR Games: 6 EA Sports Gaming Franchises

By @TrueGodImmortal

EA Sports is one of the most popular gaming developers in the entire world. They've managed to make so many amazing games over the years and have been a staple in the gaming community without question. We decided to take a moment and look back on the history of EA Sports and their success. While Electronic Arts in general have been a pivotal developer, EA Sports holds a special place because sports is my first love. Let's take a look at some of the more important EA Sports gaming franchises.

*Madden NFL Football

-This is the obvious one of course. Madden is the EA Sports that has commanded the football market since the exclusive rights came through. In many ways, Madden is only so big because of the licensing situation, as 2K was very close to giving it some heavy competition. Since about 2006, Madden has been inconsistent, but that takes nothing away from the franchise in general. Some games are greater than others, as Madden 2004 holds the title of most fun, while this year's Madden actually seems to be one of the more enjoyable recent titles. Madden is still a staple in the gaming world, next to 2K, next to Call Of Duty, and all of the big time yearly releases and is the most successful franchise for the developer I would have to assume.

*NBA Live

-So, just so its clear, I love the NBA Live franchise. It is one of my personal favorite gaming wise. The first basketball game I played religiously was NBA Live 98 and I still believe that was the best edition of the game. Everything about the modes and gameplay were perfect, and in the years following, NBA Live attempted to keep up that same standard to moderate success. Regardless, NBA Live has made a bit of a comeback, with 2018 and 2019 editions being solid enough. I am partial to Live 2018 over NBA 2K18 actually, while it is actually pretty close with 2019 and 2K19 for me as well. The success and resurgence of NBA Live only can be good for the gaming world as having options has always been important. Will NBA Live return to its previous top selling form? Likely not, but if it can maintain a level of consistency and knock on the door of the no. 1 spot at least, then all is well. That remains to be seen, but the potential is at least there.


-I am not much of a soccer fan but I can truly appreciate this series, which has amazing graphics and tremendous gameplay. This series debuted in 1993 at a time when soccer games were far from the norm, and they have maintained ever since. As social media continues to grow every sport's visibility around the world, it is possible that FIFA might be at the highest peak of popularity and the sales for the series in a way reflect that. The game is always rated highly and always manages to be successful worldwide and of all the franchises, it might be the most consistent on this list. Two of my favorites from the franchise that I actually played were FIFA: Road To World Cup 98 and FIFA 10, both games I either owned or rented from Blockbuster several times (the good days). Still, the FIFA series is one of the EA Sports crown jewels.


-I mean, we all love fighting right? Whether it was boxing, wrestling, or MMA, there is something about fighting games that intrigue the average gamer. Some opt to go more towards the Injustice, Street Fighter, and Tekken routes, while others like myself prefer the realism of boxing, wrestling, and MMA games. Now, the UFC series is a bit fresher than the other titles on this list, but it has taken on a life of its own truly. With three editions of the game, they have attempted to expand with each release and get better and better. While I've not played the third edition, I have played the first two and I personally loved the first two games. The second one was my favorite honestly, and I think it was the game that broke through for the franchise. Perhaps having Ronda and Conor on the cover was a reason for that. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the UFC series continues to grow over the years as UFC will go through their own changes.


-So, hockey isn't my personal favorite sport, but I've been to a hockey game live before, and it was entertaining. However, more importantly, I've played a Hockey video game before and I was extremely entertained for hours. In some ways a surprise crown jewel for the developer, the NHL series is right there with FIFA in terms of consistency and how well it has been received. Maybe it is because there isn't the same pressure that fans place on Madden or Live, but the NHL games have always been mostly successful and well received, a sign that maybe hockey gaming fans are easier to please? Whatever the case may be, a franchise that started back in 1991 and is still going strong is easily a franchise that deserves mention. The most recent installment, NHL 19 released just a few months ago and was another entertaining game with a lot of fanfare for the cover. You'll understand why when you see it.

*Fight Night/Knockout Kings

-I have to include these together because they are both of the same series essentially. Where Knockout Kings left off, Fight Night picked it up and took things to a new level. Boxing games were always important as the years passed by, but it never felt as popular or at least as popular to hardcore gamers as it did during the Fight Night era. As the graphics and the gameplay began to improve, the games would become instant classics, especially when we look at Fight Night Round 3, 4, and the last edition Champion. That is the best three game run in boxing gaming history. One could even throw Fight Night 2 in there for good measure as that was also a very good game. A few minor flaws aside, this series was consistent and always enjoyable and with boxing being what it is today, I wish we could get a new Fight Night game soon.



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