DAR Games: 6 Rockstar Games Series

By @TrueGodImmortal

Rockstar Games is one of the greatest companies in video game history. They've managed to be a part of some of the greatest moments in the gaming world and they're been responsible for so many excellent games. Today, we wanted to look at the company and their franchises. They are responsible for numerous series and future series, so we wanted to look at 6 series that the company is behind. Which of those series is the best? That's your decision. Let's get into it.

*Grand Theft Auto

-Perhaps the greatest series in video game history, GTA is legendary still. There is nothing more that I would like than a new GTA game, but for the time being, perhaps I can enjoy the infinite replay value of GTA V. However, there are so many different games in this series to choose from that it is really the most fun franchise. Aside from the decent but somehow disappointing GTA IV, the series has had enormous success over the years. GTA 3 is quite possibly the most important game as it started the epic run that they have been on since then. I mean, with every release, GTA manages to win big, whether with critics, gamer fans, or more importantly, in sales numbers. Vice City? Mega hit. GTA IV? Mega hit. GTA V? Mega hit. One of the greatest games ever, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes from this series, which should let you know all you need to know about GTA's legend and why Rockstar struck gold when they brought this series to the world.

*Smuggler's Run

-I was never the biggest fan of this game, but I could appreciate it for what it was. There were two editions of this game released between 2000 and 2002, and I'm personally partial to the first one over the second. Both games are solid, but the first has slightly better gameplay. The game was interesting in concept, as you played the role of a smuggler who had the goal of transporting and smuggling cargo through a number of different missions. My favorite part of the game was the Turf War mode, but the Smuggler's Mission was also a lot of fun to play and even Joyriding would bring along some entertainment. This series is probably the least impactful Rockstar series, but it had some good moments within it.

*Midnight Club

-If you love racing games with a little more edge to them, then by all means Midnight Club is your choice. It was not the same as the Need For Speed games though it has a slightly premise in concept. The series has been done since 2008, but it did have a nice run for 8 years with four main editions of the game, and several remixed versions of the game itself. The most notable edition of the game to me had to be the 3rd edition in 2005, which of course took you through San Diego, Detroit, and Atlanta backed by an excellent soundtrack as well. The remix edition of this game would basically be the same for the most part, with some key additions including songs and vehicles. All four editions were fun to play, as they all seemed to remain in the same style as the previous edition, a sign of a fun despite somewhat stagnant franchise. Midnight Club was one of the better racing franchises.


-It is not too often that we see a horror franchise in gaming that really grabs the attention for the absolute graphic violence in the games. Manhunt did exactly that. While there were only two games in the series, this stealth based horror franchise brought enough entertainment with it in each game to keep the gamer engaged. The first game in the series was banned in several countries and was considered one of the most controversial games at the time. They even attempted to link this game to murders through the UK media as well. The second was a bit more watered down and was even censored, which made it much less of a phenomenon than the first. Still, this is an important series for Rockstar and helped the company gain even more of a reputation.

*Max Payne

-So, there are some franchises that owe a lot to Max Payne. This franchise would end up gaining traction and attention for utilizing the Bullet Time feature in action sequences, which made it stand out even more as a game. This would be the biggest piece of legacy for the franchise, along with a major motion picture being made based off the series. While the film itself was nothing special, it is the only Rockstar game that would be turned into a movie so far. The first game of the series is the best IMO, but the second one is a classic as well. The story in The Fall Of Max Payne is engaging and actually pretty fun. The third and final Max Payne game was released in 2012 and while I wasn't a fan of it, it did complete a trilogy, which is hard to do in the gaming world. For that, Max Payne has to get some credit even if the games seemingly got worse with each release. Max Payne is stilll an instantly recognizable gaming franchise courtesy of Rockstar.

*Red Dead Redemption

-Two games. Two mega successful hits. One series that might be able to eventually challenge Grand Theft Auto as the best series in the company's history. For now, it rests comfortably at no. 2 as the second edition of the game recently released and has been given rave reviews by critics and gamers alike. The first Red Dead Redemption had some issues, but for the most part, the game was an extremely enjoyable experience that would allow you to take a trip to the Wild Wild West and see what it has to offer you in numerous ways. The second game, which is the highest selling game currently and one of the highest selling games ever already is a great addition to the series and it provides the type of open world experience that we have waited for so long. Red Dead 2 is quite possibly the best game of the last few years and it shows that Rockstar has it all figured out game wise. Rockstar has had other legendary games release like Bully and The Warriors, but those were standalone games that haven't seen and likely won't see a sequel, but the 6 franchises they do have are mostly special and at any moment, a new edition of at least two of these could arrive to shock the world. GTA VI, anyone?



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