DAR Music: 8 R&B Albums Released In 1991

By @TrueGodImmortal

We've been discussing the 90's for a while on the site, and we have been covering the decade of R&B that we all know and love over the last month or two and today we arrive at yet another pivotal year in the genre with 1991. 1991 was a time where the New Jack Swing was still prevalent and new artists arrived often. Which albums from that year were classic and made an impact? Let's take a look at 8 classics from 1991.

*Jodeci- Forever My Lady

-So, the debut album from perhaps the greatest 90's R&B group is a must to listen to. It is one of the best albums in the genre period during the decade so naturally it is my favorite album of this year in particular. The group delivers slow jam after slow jam alongside anthems as well, with some of the smoothest production being featured. The highlights include "Stay", the title track, "I'm Still Waiting", "Come And Talk To Me", "U&I", and more. Jodeci would make their presence felt in the music game with this album and these legends would be born.

*Boyz II Men- CooleyHighHarmony

-Another debut sees Boyz II Men at their absolute best in their career. The Philly group would make their arrival backed by production from Dallas Austin, who pretty much handles that side of the album in full. This album would be pretty successful, selling over 9 million copies in the US instantly making the group one of the biggest names in music at the time. The best songs from this album include the hits like "Please Don't Go", "Uhh Ahh", "Motownphilly", and more as Boyz II Men leave you with the impression that they are here to stay. They wouldn't leave anytime soon.

*Prince and The New Power Generation- Diamonds And Pearls

-So, Prince is a legend. He had reinvented himself over the years as an artist before arriving at this moment, with his new band The New Power Generation in tow. The result would be one of the best and most successful albums of his career, and it came with a solid funk and R&B sound. Prince would deliver gems like the title track, which is a true classic, along with "Money Don't Matter 2 Night", "Insatiable", "Gett Off", "Cream", and "Push". The album would sell very well, going double platinum, making it one of the more successful albums of his career.

*Mint Condition- Meant To Be Mint

-The eclectic and eccentric group that would end up taking the world by storm all thanks to one song. Released on the label of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, this album was a great listen and is one of the biggest moments in the group's career for so many reasons. While the album wasn't a huge commercial success, it would be regarded by many still as the best Mint Condition album and with songs such as the iconic "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes), "Try My Love", "Are You Free", and more. Mint Condition has a solid legacy, but it all starts here.

*Tevin Campbell- T.E.V.I.N.

-So, while his sophomore album is more important naturally, Tevin Campbell would debut this year and the genre was very welcoming of his first album, which is not a classic fully, but is extremely close to one. Tevin had the voice, the music, and everything needed to make the world listen and enjoy his work, and this album is almost as good as his sophomore project. From the production provided by Prince, Al B. Sure, Quincy Jones, and more, Tevin could do no wrong at the time. That list reads off like a short legends list and with a number of singles released like "Tell Me What You Want Me To Do", "Alone With You", "Goodbye", and more, Tevin does not disappoint one bit.

*Mariah Carey- Emotions

-I am far from a fan of Mariah, but her early run in the early 90's is legendary. This was her second album and it was a big deal in music during this time and rightfully so. Her voice was at full power and she would end up making an album that is widely recognized as one of the best of the year, if not the best arguably. She was given more creative control and as a result, the album has a slightly different sound, which brings us the classic title track, "Can't Let Go", "Make It Happen", and "If It's Over", all of which are really solid tracks throughout this album. Mariah doesn't miss here.

*Stevie Wonder- Jungle Fever

-Could a soundtrack be featured? It mostly certainly can be. Will it be? Absolutely. Now, when Stevie made this soundtrack up, no one knew what to expect from him or the movie itself, but he gives us an album that not only fits the film, but could be a standalone Stevie album as well. The project has some of Stevie's most smooth tracks in the later years of his career, with "If She Breaks Your Heart", "Queen In The Black", the classic "These Three Words", and the title track all being highlights. Many considered this Stevie's best work since Hotter Than July and rightfully so.

*Michael Jackson- Dangerous

-The King Of Pop had mastered soul music in his youth and he seemed prime to come out and master the R&B sound and genre as the New Jack Swing era was at its peak. MJ would enlist the talents of Teddy Riley to help him bring this New Jack Swing vision to life and together they would craft what I feel is the most underrated album in his catalog. With the production booming and MJ bringing the vocals as only he can, the album would become a major success, showcasing that MJ could make hit music without Quincy Jones by his side. The highlights on this album are honestly most of the songs here, but my favorites are "Remember The Time", "Give In To Me", "In The Closet", "Jam", and "Who Is It". This album would end up selling 32 million copies worldwide, making it one of the biggest albums ever and easily the biggest album of 1991 in the genre on a worldwide level.



  1. Other mentions from that same year ought to include Luther Vandross (POWER OF LOVE), Sounds of Blackness (EVOLUTION), Patti LaBelle (BURNIN'), Shanice (INNER CHILD), Bell Biv Devoe (WBBD-Boot City!), and Alexander O' Neal ( ALL TRUE MAN).

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