DAR Films: 8 Films To Look For In 2019

By @TrueGodImmortal

2019 is almost here. We just finished a look at the films from 2018, so it is only fair we take a brief preview look at the movies coming up in 2019 that will make an impact. We included all the suspected blockbusters that will arrive before the fall of the year and of course, we talk about what will likely be the biggest movie of the year in Avengers 4. What does 2019 have in store for moviegoers? Let's take a look.


-So, I'm on the fence about this film personally. I think DC is making the effort to be less serious with their movies and for them, that's probably for the best. However, I'm a bit concerned that perhaps they're focusing on being less serious too much? Whatever the case, the story is of course the 14 year old Billy Batson being selected to take the powers of Shazam, and as a result, things change forever. The lead antagonist in the film will be Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Will Shazam end the streak of disappointing releases? Will it be a box office success? All of those questions will be answered in early April. If I had to guess, I say the movie will be a moderate success.

*Captain Marvel

-So, the time has almost arrived. After much hype, several trailers, and a general feeling of importance, Captain Marvel is only a few short months away. Brie Lawson takes the mantle as Carol Danvers and has to help the world and presumably the Avengers at some point. Whether her assistance to the Avengers comes now or in the Endgame film (more likely) is something you'll have to wait to see, but the fact remains, Captain Marvel is due to have a big role in the MCU. This film will take you back to 1995, and showcase the origin story of Captain Marvel. This movie is said to be extremely important to the bottom line of the MCU, so I'm sure the theater will be packed when it releases in early March. Will Captain Marvel have the same origin success as Captain America and Black Panther? Or will it be more like Hulk or Thor? That remains to be seen.


-So, years ago, the movie Unbreakable debuted and instantly had people gravitating to the characters played by Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis. Then, a year or two ago, people took a liking or a hate to the lead character in Split played by James McAvoy, a successful movie for the infamous director, M. Night Shyamalan as well. The thought of seeing all three of these characters on the screen together and the prospect of what the plot and premise can be has most fans anxious and curious to see this movie. It releases in January, and could be one of the first huge hits to kick off the year. Both Unbreakable and Split were box office hits so it is safe to assume Glass should be one of those as well.


-So, Disney has a lock on the film world it seems at the moment and it's not really a shock. They've managed to create somewhat of a stranglehold on the public and what they view and while that's an entirely different discussion, it seems Disney has managed to do so without adding any new or exciting stories into the fray. Simply put, Aladdin is just the same story rehashed of course, but in live action form (do we really need this). I can do with the remake of The Lion King, although unnnecessary, and can even let the Dumbo remake slide, but a live action Aladdin? Perhaps it will be visually stunning and exceed expectations. However, this is the one Disney film that has me shaking my head because of how unnecessary it was. With Guy Ritchie directing, I wonder how it'll turn out and having Will Smith as the genie is a decision that can go great or terrible. I guess we'll find out in May.

*The Lion King

-Mufasa. Scar. Simba. Those names are well known especially in the Disney landscape. However, we haven't seen them quite like this. Considered a live action film, this movie showcases The Lion King we all know and love much differently in terms of presentation. The story remains the same and the outcome does as well, but for a new generation, this is The Lion King they will have to experience. While the animated original is still going to be my choice regardless, with a star studded cast of voices including Childish Gambino, Beyonce, James Earl Jones, and more. There isn't much of a secret in terms of the premise for this movie, because we know what to expect, but I will admit, the execution of the pivotal moments and perhaps the loss of some of the music might take the the quality and feel of this film down. Regardless, The Lion King is expected to be a big success when it drops in July.

*Toy Story 4

-So, it is rare that an animated movie truly carries the anticipation of a big time box office smash, but if any movie does that, Toy Story 4 is the one. This might be the biggest Toy Story ever. Years removed from the third, which we thought was the last, this new edition arrives in the summer of 2019 and introduces some new characters along with the ones we all know and love. The theaters will likely be packed with people of all ages who want to see how this story all ends. At least, we hope Toy Story 4 is the end. Surely, it has to be, right? Whatever the case, this next chapter in the Woody and Buzz Lightyear led saga is sure to bring a multitude of emotions throughout.

*Spiderman: Far From Home

-The last time we saw Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was looking at Tony Stark while his body slowly faded away. It was a shocking and sad moment, but we know that he will likely come back and return because he has a series of his own to lead and that will be the case here as Far From Home features a different villain in Mysterio and has a hint at what the fallout for Endgame could be. Will Spiderman make a triumphant return in Endgame just in time for this film? Or will this film be done differently? All signs point to Spiderman's return in Endgame, and as we wait for the official trailer and posters for the film, the anticipation is buzzing.

*Avengers: Endgame

-The only movie that really matters this year. It might sound crazy to say but this is the movie that matters the most in 2019 and perhaps the last three years honestly. Infinity War was a classic. It was special. The saga of Thanos claiming victory and everything in between is something that moviegoers and fans loved all around. We've never seen a superhero movie quite like Infinity War. That's what makes the premise and the excitement for Endgame so intriguing. The heroes are defeated. Separated. Finding their way. Thanos is triumphant, but at what cost? Hawkeye is on a mission, and is now Ronin. Tony Stark is stuck in space and has to find a way back. Captain America is looking more and more like Nomad. Black Widow is still there. Thor is defeated. We've never seen the Avengers quite like this before and we never will again. Endgame is the last chapter of a long 10 year saga and it will feature the infinite loss of one of the heroes I'm sure. How will the events in Infinity War be reversed in Endgame? Will the lives lost be brought back? While we know the answer is they will, what we don't know and what Endgame will show us is the how. The how matters more than anything and when April 26 rolls around, you can expect to see me in the theater front and center. Avengers: Endgame is the biggest ticket for 2019 at the box office.



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