DAR Wrestling: Top 5 MVPs of AEW in 2020

By @SuperDuperDeets

AEW had an excellent 2020, standing firm as a top tier company and arguably the best show in town. Deets joins the DAR site for his top 5 guys of the year, and you might be surprised at his list (spoiler alert: there's no MJF). 

5. Orange Cassidy

This was a tough one. I was going back and fourth between OC and MJF. But ultimately, Orange took the spot for me. I thought he was going to come in as a comedy act to second Chuck and Trent’s Best Friends, but he had a break out year. He organically got over and when it came time to work, he put on great performances. Anyone who used to watch him as Chikara’s Hottest Commodity Fire Ant knew the level OC could work at. His matches with Jericho, Cody and Brodie solidified him as a future main eventer in AEW.

4. The Exalted One Brodie Lee 



 -He may not have been around as long as other members on the roster, but Brodie Lee made a huge impact for AEW. He took what was a struggling joke of a faction and turned it into something compelling, and in the ring, his work has been superb. Brodie was given a chance by AEW, and he snatched it with both hands. He made a big difference in short time and it’s a shame he didn’t get to make his debut in his home town. Rest In Peace Big Rig, you will be missed. 


3. Cody Rhodes



-Cody is my personal favorite wrestler. The way he manages to connect with the fans is on a level that nobody else on the roster can touch. He started the year off with a great cage match with Wardlow, and helped get MJF and Shawn Spears (still the most underrated wrestler on the roster) over. He's helped build the TNT Championship to main event status with his open challenge and capping off Dynamite's first year with a stellar feud against the late great Brodie Lee has just been the cherry on top. He bet on himself, and it certainly paid off.


2. Kenny Omega/Hangman Page



-These two put on one of the, if not the best tag team match I have ever seen against the best tag team of the last 10 years or so. They had an incredible run and meshed so good for being two singles put together. Hangman’s subtle storytelling and the amazing character work has put him head and shoulders above the majority of the roster. If it weren’t for the pandemic, Hangman would be the most over wrestler on the roster. As for Omega, he will be number 1 on my list next year. 


1. Jon Moxley 


-Moxley had one of the greatest World Title reigns in recent memory of any company. His character work was amazing and he put on great matches with everyone he encountered. Everything he did was believable. Moxley made the title feel very important through his promos and matches. He's my no. 1 for the year, no question. 





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