DAR Sports: Could Andre Drummond Be The Key For Brooklyn?

By Stephen Ferke

In recent days, there have been talks of a possible contract buyout for Center Andre Drummond. Drummond, who opted in on his player option for the 2020-2021 season, was set to make 28.7 million this year.  Currently, while averaging 18.7 PPG while shooting 48.4% this year and 58.2% at the free throw line, Drummond has become a force of sorts for the current Cavaliers team (a team that is frontcourt heavy). Drummond is also averaging 14.6 rebounds, 2.7 assists along with a block and a steal per game. With the rumors buzzing, one has to wonder what to make of them, considering the implications. 


It's not often that a player of  Drummond’s talent comes on the buyout market especially considering his salary and production. I think that Drummond would be a great fit alongside Brooklyn's big 3 providing the length and rebounding they desperately need, though if Brooklyn doesn't want to wait too long, Javale McGee is a cheaper option and a familiar option to playing with Durant (but he comes with much less production). While Drummond would be a great fit for Brooklyn and clearly help in the rebounding and in the scoring department (at least for bigs), he does come with some risks. Those risks have been witnessed time and time again in his tenures with the teams that he's played for. 

His issues are pretty glaring too if you look beyond his numbers. He has a tendency to get into foul trouble and is currently averaging 3 personal fouls a game along with 3.5 turnovers a game (not a good number for a big by any stretch), which could be an issue for a Brooklyn team that ranks 8th worst in turnovers per game. Drummond's defense is also up and down, though he is a better defensive player than almost everyone currently on the Nets roster (minus one or two). 

He definitely offers a lot more upside than current Center DeAndre Jordan, who has had his struggles for the last few seasons. Cleveland is currently loaded with the center position with Jarrett Allen, Kevin Love (if he chooses to run at the 5), Drummond, Javale McGee and Larry Nance Jr, so buying out Drummond is not out of the realm of possibilities for them, especially since he's in the final year of his contract.

As of right now, this is all just rumors but given the young talent that Cleveland has at the Center position, it could be a win-win for both teams. Cleveland gets out of Drummond's large contract and gives young talent a chance to develop, while Brooklyn gets a great center and the help it desperately needs at that position. Drummond is only 27 years old and is currently having the best campaign of his career so this buyout will likely depend on the Cavaliers falling out of the playoff picture, where currently they are the 7th seed in the East. If Cleveland begins to fall, then it is possible they get rid of Drummond. Larry Nance and Javale all could be on the move instead and Kevin Love's name has come up in buyouts as well. While all of those would fit well with Brooklyn to differing degrees, Drummond seems the most logical answer. Drummond was also a member of the US Men's FIBA 2014 National team alongside Kyrie and Harden, so there is some familiarity there. 

In addition, Drummond has been a vocal admirer of both Durant and Irving, even going as far to say that he'd pick Kevin Durant if he had the choice of anyone in a pick-up game. KD also shared similar sentiments, when he called Drummond a special talent. That level of appreciation for their games points to them all being able to mesh and play how they want to. The question remains, will Brooklyn acquire Drummond? Will Cleveland buy him out? Or will Brooklyn have to look at other options and hope they don't encounter a focused Cleveland team in the playoffs? Time will tell, but I believe Drummond to Brooklyn would be a great move for those two parties. 



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