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 Intro by True God

TDE has maintained an appeal as one of the biggest record labels of the last decade, with polarizing artistry, creative innovation, and their musical prowess. While their release date schedule tends to leave their fans concerned from time to time, TDE remains a leader in hip hop thanks to Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q, Isaiah Rashad, and Ab-Soul. However, TDE has a bit of luck when speaking on the R&B genre as well, as SZA remains one of the more popular women in the game today. Her success has proven to be critical for the label, but there is one man who many feel has been carrying the flag for them in the genre for the last few years. That would be Inglewood, California based artist SiR. His different vocal stylings and keen ear for lush production has catapulted him into many playlists, and his background speaks to that as well. The son of a former background singer for Michael Jackson and Anita Baker, as well as the nephew of a bassist for Prince, SiR's family are descendants of musical royalty. He also has an older brother D Smoke, who is gaining notoriety as well in hip hop. His lineage is strong and today, we wanted to pay homage to his career so far. The sky is the limit for SiR. 


SiR’s career rise has been one of my favorites to witness in recent years. I remember the first time I heard his “HER” EP back in 2016 and “All in My Head” was a song I used to have on repeat back in college. Once I found out he was signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, I was excited to see how far his career trajectory would go especially with the roster of artists that are on that label. I followed intently to every project he dropped since then with “HER Too” and his debut studio release “November” which us gave some of my favorite songs from SiR’s catalog that included “Something Foreign”, “D’Evils”, “Something New” and “War.” What gravitated me most to SiR’s music was how well he could acclimate himself to older and newer styles without feeling like he is conforming to a sound. It all flows together seamlessly, but when I heard “Chasing Summer”, this was when I knew SiR officially struck gold and he instantly became one of my favorite artists of this generation across all genres.

What was so special about an album like “Chasing Summer” was that it gave me a newfound respect to the art of songwriting and sequencing. Plus, it came at the perfect time in my life when I needed an album like this. When I hear songs like “John Redcorn” and “You Can’t Save Me”, I can visualize the story that is being told and am also able to put myself in the shoes of those songs because I relate to them so heavily. Some of the songs might hit a little too close to home (I’m looking at you “Wires in the Way”) but they all sound so good and flow together so seamlessly. The last song “LA” was such a perfect closer because it ties the album back to the beginning when the album begins instructions while on a flight and ends with instructions at the end of the flight. It brings the story to a sweet end. 

“Chasing Summer” is an album I continue to go back to religiously and SiR has been my number one listened artist on Spotify two years in a row. His music has such a replay value because we can get smooth yet sad songs like “John Redcorn” to love songs like “Something New” and “Fire” to bouncy more fun type songs like “D’Evils” and “Mood”. He has a certain versatility about him that I feel separates him from his contemporaries and his songwriting does not come off cheesy and when I found out he wrote for one of other favorite artists, Jill Scott, it made perfect sense. He is in perfect company.

I have given SiR millions of praises online and offline for his artistry and have subtly made it my mission to get as many people as I knew onto his music because he is such a special talent and has easily become on my favorite additions to TDE’s roster next to Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Isaiah Rashad and SZA. He deserves the accolades coming his way and the thing that is so interesting about SiR is I can tell, he is just getting started. With his EP’s and two stellar albums, I can only see him continuing to improve upon his already amazing craft. I am incredibly excited to see what he does next because at the rate he is currently going, it can only go up from here.

Listen to SiR and please check out Chasing Summer if you haven’t already. You will be happy you did.



  1. La vie est comme une balançoire, c'est à couper le souffle, c'est écoeurant. Ce sont tous des livres de développement personnel...


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