DAR Sports: Terry Rozier's Breakout

By Jeff Axel

Terry Rozier is having a breakout season this year and is one of the biggest reasons the Charlotte Hornets are currently the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference. The combo guard has always shown flashes of being a quality player but he’s having a career year this season averaging 20.4 PPG on 48% from the field and 43% from 3. What makes this so impressive is Gordon Hayward is averaging 21.1 PPG and LaMelo Ball is averaging 15.8 PPG alongside of him. With Rozier’s high level of play, his name has been thrown into trade rumors recently. With Lamelo Ball looking like the point guard of the future for the Charlotte Hornets,  which teams could Rozier help out? That list is growing. 

Rozier is a solid defender and quality rebounder for a point guard. He’s more shoot first and not heavy on the playmaking side averaging just about 3 assists in his career. He’s honestly best suited as a combo guard with instant offense off the bench but after putting up a respectable 17/6/5 in a playoff run that came up 1 game short of the NBA finals in 2018, he’s struggled taking a bench role. 

Rozier has stepped up his 3 point shooting averaging 43% on 8 attempts per game making him a viable threat off the ball. He could be one of the better 6th men in the league on a contending team if he would want to accept the Lou Williams type role, but that doesn't seem to be his focus. He seems ready for a consistent starting position and is earning his time on the court. Rozier left the Boston Celtics because he didn’t want to take a backseat anymore, so if any teams are looking for a scoring guard of the future they should expect him to be one of the shot attempt leaders. 

His 1st year in Charlotte, he averaged 18 points with 4 rebounds and 4 assists while sharing a backcourt with Devonte Graham, who was a Most Improved Player candidate last season averaging a career high 19 points a game himself. Rozier has stepped up his play and at age 26, he is playing the most efficient basketball of his career. If he stays in Charlotte, it would be nice to see how far him and Lamelo can push a team in a series because that aggressive backcourt will keep the pressure on you. I personally can’t see how you can trade a guy coming off a month where he averaged 23ppg on 51% and 44% for the month of February, and with the Hornets in playoff position, I can't see trading one of their three best players. 

Scary Terry has lived up to his contract and with his play improving, I don’t see him accepting a bench role for any team going forward. Although there are a few teams that could use help with a scoring guard, one thing is certain, Rozier will overcome any situation and seize any opportunity. It takes a lot of energy and confidence to hit 10 three pointers in a game. Not to mention, the game where Rozier attacked the basket for his 41 points. Off the dribble, spot up 3’s, transition points, and more makes Rozier such a problem to guard and with his confidence growing playing alongside LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward, he could very well continue to improve and be a Hornet for the future. 



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