A Look Inside AEW's Who We Are, Vol. 1

Written By True God

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On February 18th, the wrestling world and music world will collide for an ecletic mashup of styles and storytelling as All Elite Wrestling ventures into uncharted territory with the release of the groundbreaking album, Who We Are: A Celebration Of Excellence. The album serves as a showcase of appreciation to not only black history month and black wrestlers, but also to black artistry. With 35 artists and producers featured on this project, this album is a beacon of unity amongst artists and a chance for everyone to showcase their talents and artistic vision on a grander scale. To make it even more special, this album's proceeds will go to the Bootsy Collins foundation, a foundation with an extremely important cause that you can read more about on the website (www.bootsycollinsfoundation.org). With such a grand idea in play, the collection of artists began work on a journey that will stand the test of time.

The man behind the idea? AEW's musical maestro, Mikey Rukus. With a career spawning many years, Rukus has been the Director Of Music in the company for the better part of the last three years, winning over the fanbase with his unique style and hard hitting themes. With AEW Music growing as AEW the company grows, Rukus set out with a list of goals the last year and one can assume this was a part of those goals. As the project began to take shape, it became obvious that this was something.... special. The collection of different artists, the talent being displayed, the stories being told. This was a project that served with purpose, presented art in its purest form, and most of all, was authentic. 

Today, we here at DAR wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some of the artists featured on this project. Most of you know the wrestlers that the songs are about, but maybe some of you are not familiar with the artists. While we would have loved to reach out and get words from all 35, we were only able to speak with half in the short window of time, but for those of you reading, please be sure to check out every artist listed that you see on the tracklisting (shoutout to Max Caster and Sonny Kiss for being a part of the music on this project as well). In these days and times, the more talent you know of, the better. Let's meet some of the team behind Who We Are. 


(Appears On The Sonny Kiss Story "Whatcha Lookin At", The Top Flight Story "Who's The Coldest", The Ricky Starks Story "No Socks")

-Brinson has a big prominent role on this project and he's adding this AEW achievement to a long list of accomplishments. One of the more prominent Christian Hip Hop Rappers, Brinson brings a different style and approach to his music and he also has a successful podcast that has been featured on various outlets. Support this brother and his endeavors. 


(Appears On The Lee Johnson Story "Fully Loaded")

-There aren't many MCs who carry the prowess of R8ed R. He has a career that showcases what true talent and lyrical skill can bring. He's a producer, a wordsmith, and he has a number of great albums that are rooted in wrestling to listen to. Support this brother and many talents. 


(Appears On The Jade Cargill Story "Knockout", Mark Henry Story "Legend", Nyla Rose Story "Shine")

-Many know what Monteasy brings to the table. A talented MC who usually can be found side by side with the incomparable Shane "Swerve" Strickland, Teasy is known for his lyrical skill and ability to adapt to any sound. He's featured prominently here and as a headliner at the first AEW Music Live Event. 


(Appears On The Jade Cargill Story "Knockout")

-I am born & raised in New York, of West Indian Descent. I am a rapper, singer, songwriter and audio engineer. My catalog of music involves Hip Hop, R&B Soul, Pop/Dance, and Alternative. I’ve collaborated with the likes of Sean C & LV, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Bun B, Jae Millz, Wyclef Jean, Chris Rivers, Oswin Benjamin, Loaded Lux, Vado, Gwen Bunn, Marvino Beats, Rod The Producer and many other industry artists. Over the years I’ve written and provided background vocals for numerous songs, and have the invaluable skill of creating a hook to any beat, no matter the genre. That consistent line of work made my peers dub me as “The Hook Whisperer”. I was able to demonstrate that skill on “Knockout”, The Jade Cargill Story. You can find me on everything from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud as @AnthinyKing. You can also check out my Music Web Series “Sonic Silhouettes” on YouTube. I just released my 2nd Season with 20 Episodes.


(Appears On The Red Velvet Story "In The Mix, The Shawn Dean Story "I'm The Captain")

CutRight is a CHH/ Nerdcore rapper from Charlotte that serves as music director for The JustHis League (basically a nerdy inspirational version Wu-Tang, in his own words). He does alot of community based outreach in the city and in the prisons, serves our homeless neighbors and promotes positivity to our youth. Support everything that CutRight does, as he is a beacon of hope for the future of our cities.


(Appears On The Anthony Ogogo Story "Fish N Chips", The Brandi Rhodes Story "BGM", and Scorpio Sky Story "Up In The Clouds")

-What more can be said about MegaRan? He's a legend in his own regard, paving a path that has put him in different pockets and on billboards in the middle of Times Square. For those unfamiliar, MegaRan is a Guinness World Record Holder, a successful artist, runs his own web show (Random House Studios), and has a long list of achievements in the video gaming realm. MegaRan has etched a legacy for himself as a true legend and his contributions to Who We Are only serve as a reminder of his greatness. 


(Appears On The Anthony Ogogo Story "Fish N' Chips and The Kiera Hogan Story "Dat's On Period")

-Sir Tizzy is an American hip-hop artist and aspiring actor from Parkville, Maryland. Rapping since he was 13 years old, Tizzy began battling fellow classmates or peers among his neighborhood to hone his skills. He learned all forms of metaphors, similes, and allegory in order to thwart his opponents, which also helped him compose his own lyrics in his personal notebooks. His first project "The Wackness" showcased his own personal vendettas with life, explaining that no matter where you come from, the struggle that halts you from achieving goals is always abundant in this form of “Wackness", not to mention, it was based off of the actual 2008 motion picture with the same title. From that moment, the writings would continue to blossom his stardom, and he would bestow a name for his supporters, dubbed #TeamKnightmare. The ideology behind the #TeamKnightmare moniker comes from Tizzy’s writings during the witching hour, while not being able to sleep, and the difficult task of chasing the dream being a living nightmare, while being a fan of the medieval times, and learning about the issues and lifestyle in High School (hence the Sir in his stage name). His victorious chant of "#BARS" at the end of some tracks, is an acronym for "Better Art Reigns Supreme,” which assists his regal motives and stance on life. With all of this being said, his saga can only do one thing....continue. 


(Appears On The Kiera Hogan Story "Dat's On Period", The Anthony Ogogo Story "Fish N' Chips" and the Nyla Rose Story "Shine)

-Started my journey in wrestling with music in 2007 when I did my 1st theme for the person who got me in wrestling, Ruckus. “Always Bet On BLK” was the theme for Ruckus & his group BLK Out. I got officially involved in wrestling in 2008. It started as music, photography, & graphic designs. In the last 14 years, it’s become booking, agenting, producing, teacher, writing, scouting, branding & more behind the scenes in wrestling. Nyla Rose & Kiera Hogan were not only two people I worked with but good friends so being able to be apart of their songs on the AEW Album is something very special. Anthony Ogogo was someone I heard nothing but good things about from friends in the business and hearing his story & seeing who else was on the song for him was something I looked at as a blessing. Everything about the project felt like something special.


(Appears On The Powerhouse Hobbs Story "Powerhouse" and The Jade Cargill Story "Knockout)

An Oakland, CA rapper with a keen ear for great production, Righteous Reg has been doing his thing for quite sometime. He is one-third of the entertaining Grapsody podcast on Fightful, a long time wrestling fan, and his 2018 album "T.R.R.A" is a monster record. Support Reg and all of his work. 


(Appears On The Red Velvet Story "In The Mix" and Powerhouse Hobbs Story "Powerhouse")

-Will Washington is a talented long tenured podcaster with a super dope ear for production. He contributed something special for the AEW project and continues to be a prominent black voice in the wrestling world. Get familiar and support Grapsody and their ventures (shoutout to Phil). 


(Appears On The Jade Cargill Story "Knockout", Mark Henry Story "Legend", Nyla Rose Story "Shine)

Rich Latta is a talented rapper/producer originally from Springfield, Massachusetts that is now based out of Florida. He currently has one album out, which is titled Family, Music, Life alongside a LOT of singles that have been released during his run. He's currently working on second album titled Dream Machine, so be on the lookout for that soon. Rich is prominently known as a producer for Swerve City and he runs his own YouTube series where he breaks down his production and inspiration and lyrics for each song on his album. He is the co-host of the entertaining One Nation Radio with James Boyd and when asked to describe his style, Rich said his style is Jay-Z meets J Cole meets Joe Budden, all three respected names as artists and lyricists. Stay tuned for Rich Latta, because he's got a LOT coming in the future. 


(Appears On The Mark Henry Story "Legend" and Red Velvet Story "In The Mix")

-Wrestle And Flow is well known in the wrestling circles, with the man behind the brand being Josiah Williams. His knack for making something that catches your average wrestling fan's attention is immense. From themes to songs promoting Black History Month and beyond, Josiah is a pillar in the wrestling/hip hop landscape and he will also be a part of the first AEW Music live event on March 5th.


(Appears On The Lee Moriarty Track "Taiga Styling")

-One of the most ecletic and talented members of DAR gets his chance to showcase his talents through this AEW project. Apollo is an acclaimed artist in his own right with masterful albums and lyrical ability on display through his solo projects and his work with True God and the fellow DAR Elite crew. For those unfamiliar, it's time to get acquainted with Apollo. 


(Appears On The Ricky Starks Story "No Socks", The Red Velvet Story "In The Mix", The Shawn Dean Story "I'm The Captain")

E.Quipped is an Artist/Producer/Engineer from Greensboro, NC.  He's been passionate about music since his early childhood, though an official music career didn't begin until the late 2000s (in the form of several full-length Christian hip-hop projects). In 2021, E.Quipped shifted more towards R&B with the release of Minus Love, an album he refers to as his "passion project". In addition to solo endeavors, E.Q has had a hand in more than 50 projects over the past several years. This includes being featured as a guest singer/emcee on multiple singles, engineering full albums for other artists, and his work on soundtracks ranging from video games, to web shows and commercials. E.Quipped cites 90's hip-hop and R&B as his primary musical influence, and he's also an avid wrestling fan, toy collector, & pop-culture aficionado. The recent opportunity to contribute to AEW's Who We Are: A Celebration of Excellence, Vol. 1 means that two of my worlds have collided. I couldn't be more honored & more hyped to be a part of such a groundbreaking project, with such an important message and cause. I can't thank Rukus & all of AEW enough.


(Appears On The Lee Moriarty Track "Taiga Styling" and The Anthony Ogogo Track "Fish N' Chips")

-There is of course, yours truly. For those unfamiliar (all 10 of you), True God's resume is extensive, despite me not mentioning it as much I should. In addition to the website you're currently reading now (with millions.... AND millions of views) being owned and operated by me, I've worked in the wrestling business off and on (mostly off) since 2013, spending sometime working commentary and ring crew (and creative contributor from time to time) in PWX (Premiere Wrestling Xperience) while building the brand "WrestlingHeels" as the vice president of operations. In addition to interviewing the late great Bruno Sammartino, Jake The Snake Roberts, Diamond Dallas Page, Matt Hardy, and more through WrestlingHeels, I also hosted pre-shows outside of PWX and Ring Of Honor shows for the brand, among other events. True also runs and operates Eyes On The Ring, his own separate brand for wrestling and sports talk, as well as several podcasts over recent years. Musically, True is nearing the end of his journey, so this AEW project feels the perfect way to cap off a Decade of True. 

To the other artists we were not able to speak with or get more info on (Tamira Slade, Teek Hall, Doe The Paperboy, Omega Sparx, Swats, Staylo Dom, Gram, Zane Oliver, Quinn O'Donnell, Jon Connor, Kit Walters, Issac Mather, AppleJaxx, Toure Masters, Lost Perception, AlexV, and FrivolousShara), just know that your hard work and contributions were truly appreciated and championed. A thank you to AEW and Mikey Rukus for including all of us on this project and here's to more celebration of excellence, black talent, and most of all, art. 



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